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RABBIT DESK CALENDAR – 2022 - 5/31/2021

Front Cover – Maisy (Julie Willis)

RABBIT DESK CALENDAR – 2022 - 5/30/2021

January - Orion (Codie)

RABBIT DESK CALENDAR – 2022 - 5/29/2021

February – Kennie and Angelica (Gary and Chrissie Jacobs)

RABBIT DESK CALENDAR – 2022 - 5/28/2021

March -  Tiffany (Clair and Kevin Sturt)

RABBIT DESK CALENDAR – 2022 - 5/27/2021

April - Anya and Monterey (Antoinette)

RABBIT DESK CALENDAR – 2022 - 5/26/2021

May – Oscar (John and Jennie Baxter)

RABBIT DESK CALENDAR – 2022 - 5/25/2021

June – Maple (Oceana Lucas)

RABBIT DESK CALENDAR – 2022 - 5/24/2021

July – Barnabus

RABBIT DESK CALENDAR – 2022 - 5/23/2021

August – Cassie ( Mark Wells and Andrea Fletcher)

RABBIT DESK CALENDAR – 2022 - 5/22/2021

September -Rio, Jeremy and Oliver (Lisa Busuttil)

RABBIT DESK CALENDAR – 2022 - 5/21/2021

October – Maisy (Carol Fuller)

RABBIT DESK CALENDAR – 2022 - 5/20/2021

November – Lilibet and Louie (Leanne Baker)

RABBIT DESK CALENDAR – 2022 - 5/19/2021

December – Arundel (Photo by Pauline Mayer)

GUINEA PIG DESK CALENDAR – 2022 - 5/18/2021

Front Cover - Jack (Wilkinson)

GUINEA PIG DESK CALENDAR – 2022 - 5/17/2021

January – Lunar (Mary Bridge)

GUINEA PIG DESK CALENDAR – 2022 - 5/16/2021

February – Jess and Willow (Wendy Noblet)

GUINEA PIG DESK CALENDAR – 2022 - 5/15/2021

March – Salt (Kate Male)

GUINEA PIG DESK CALENDAR – 2022 - 5/14/2021

April – Mopsy (Michelle Harris)

GUINEA PIG DESK CALENDAR – 2022 - 5/13/2021

May - Pepi and Ted (Lucy and Emily Hill)

GUINEA PIG DESK CALENDAR – 2022 - 5/12/2021

June - Rudy (Ian Rolfe)

GUINEA PIG DESK CALENDAR – 2022 - 5/11/2021

July – Chino (Daisy Jones)

GUINEA PIG DESK CALENDAR – 2022 - 5/10/2021

August – Rosie (Pat and Roy Stewart)

GUINEA PIG DESK CALENDAR – 2022 - 5/9/2021

September - Blaze and Twiglet (Elliot)

GUINEA PIG DESK CALENDAR – 2022 - 5/8/2021

October - Lacey (Jacqueline Blundell)

GUINEA PIG DESK CALENDAR – 2022 - 5/7/2021

November – Guiness (Christina and Charlie)

GUINEA PIG DESK CALENDAR – 2022 - 5/6/2021

December - Teddy and Rupert (Lucianna Thomas)

Clash of The Small Furry Animal Gods!!! - 7/19/2011

We saw this story when Malvolio and Octavia went to their new homes. Such a good story we had to put this on here!


Just let you all know I had a great Christmas ....

Countdown to re-opening... - 10/5/2008

The refurbushment is coming along...

Shenanigans, Captain Birds Eye and Fun Day gossip - 5/12/2008

Hello, My name is Scally and there were certainly some very interesting things to report during my short stay at the Bobtails hotel last week.

Tributes to an old timer and our brave soldier - 4/16/2008

It has been an extremely sad week – two of our bravest bunnies have passed away – Taz and Bud. This is the news items that every Bobtails volunteer wishes they didn’t have to write.

Jim goes "commando" and raffle tickets now on sale - 4/6/2008

Oh, what a funny week it has been. First we got all excited with the sunshine on Friday and hoped that the rabbits could have a play in their runs on Sunday, and then today, it snowed so they couldn’t. Everybody was a bit strange as a result, none more so than Jim.

Temporary closing and cat fights. - 3/29/2008

What's all this about the temporary closure?

Scruff's Scribbles with Bud - 7/5/2007

Babies everywhere and our Auntie Delia's all revved up and raring to go

Scribble with Bud - 4/8/2007

Bunnies doing their bit this Easter, dumped fluffies and my foster mum's trip

Scruff Scribbles with Bud - 2/12/2007

New friends, newspaper fame and a little guinea pig looking for love

Happy New Year - 1/2/2007

Christmas and Foster Bunnies....Bugsy tells us all about it.

Scribbling with Bud - 11/15/2006

No more bits and bobs, Auntie Pat's dream and a few thank yous

Operation went well.... - 10/30/2006

All done and I'm Okay!

Wish me luck! - 10/30/2006

Today is the day......

Scruff's Scribbles with Bud - 10/23/2006

I have some very sad news......

Scruff's Scribbles with Bud - 10/4/2006

Speedos, gazebos, extra shifts and a one sided Clara

Scruff's Scribbles with Bud - 9/25/2006

Tears, Wedding plans, Sponsorship Scheme,DIY palaces and Photo's - all in a week at Bobtails....

Scruff's Scribbles with Bud - 9/16/2006

It’s Bud, the little soldier here reporting from my day's manoeuvres at Camp Bobtails.

Scruff's Scribbles with Bud - 9/15/2006

It’s Bud, the little soldier here reporting from my day's manoeuvres at Camp Bobtails.

Scruff's Scribbles with Dougal - 5/9/2006

More news and views from the rapping rabbit

Scruff's Scribbles with Dougal - 3/22/2006

There's a rebel on the loose

Scruff's Scribbles with Einstein - 2/19/2006

Update on brave Bud, guineas galore, Dr David and his nip and tuck skills and a hangover cure not to be missed

Scruff's Scribbles with Einstein - 2/6/2006

Book in for a blind date, Sky's hairy problems, radio ga ga and feathers have been ruffled

Scruff's Scribbles with Einstein - 1/28/2006

Bursting at the seems, Big Bunny Brother and can you give Evie and babies a chance?

Scruff's Scribbles with Einstein - 12/24/2005

Christmas cheer, giving thanks and no more Silent Nights for me

Scruff's Scribble with Einstein - 12/5/2005

Another dumped bunny, volunteer aunties, calendars and great...words from Dougal!

Scruff's Scribble with Einstein - 11/20/2005

Cold nights, old socks, curling whiskers and a load of rubbish

Scruff's Scribbles with Einstein - 11/14/2005

Poorly mums, Oscar's news and a bunny escapes going round the u-bend

Scruff's Scribbles with Einstein - 10/29/2005

Dumped bunny, new idea for a litter tray and self-suffucient bunnies

Scruff's Scribble with Einstein - 10/19/2005

Carry On Criminals, Mary Poppins, fireworks and new homes found

Scruff's Scrible with Einstein - 10/9/2005

Loving Flossy, lucky escapes all round and a vibrating washing machine

Scruff's Scribbles - 9/30/2005

Tributes to a wonderful friend

Mr Scruff - 9/1/2005

People who make us proud, fundraising friends, baby Scruff and dental records used to ID wallpaper vandal

Sad news & more sad news - 8/29/2005

Hello my bunny loving friends. It’s me again, just logging in to say hello and let you know what’s been going on in the rabbit sheds this week. I’m afraid I’ve got to get some bad news out of the way first.

Scruff's Scribble - 8/18/2005

A-level joy, disgusting case of cruelty, photo humiliation and breeding like rabbits

Scruff's Scribble - 8/5/2005

Love letter from Miss Bunny Penny and advice for The Scruffster from Mr Bailey Binkster McStinkster

Scruff's Scribbles - 8/1/2005

Mr Scruff Superstar, holiday horrors, owls and a shocking story about electrical cables

Scruff's Scribbles - 7/24/2005

Advice on attracting the laydees, marriage and a home for Holly

Scruff's Scribbles - 7/18/2005

Nasty neglect, squawking shuttlecocks, super spies and email at last

Scruff's Scribbles - 7/12/2005

The best night of my life, lovely Loopy, poorly Tess and tech-no-idea Jim

Scruff's Scribble - 7/5/2005

Maria Carey, confusion over a bus trip to Staines and no love but plenty of wind

Scruff's Scribbles 29/06/2005 - 6/29/2005

Miss World, James Bond stunts and beautiful Bluebell

Scruff's scribbles - 6/20/2005

Bikinis, holidays and sun stroke

Mr Scruff's Scribbles - 6/13/2005

Birds, Las Vegas and fatal foxes

Scruff's scribbles - 6/5/2005

Sad news, bunnies galore and matching cagoules

Mr Scruff's Scribbles - 6/1/2005

Roof-top drama and strike action

Mr Scruff's Scribbles - 5/22/2005

Big bunnies and nudgey cuddles all round.

Mr Scruff's Diary - 5/14/2005

Find out what's been happening at Bobtails this week from resident rabbit Mr Scruff.

RABBIT DESK CALENDAR – 2020 - 5/27/201

April – Bernard (Lydia Baker)

We are next open:

***After 20 plus years it is with great sadness that we have decided that the time is coming to bring Bobtails Rescue to an end. Bobtails will finally close 1st November 2022***

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