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Scruff's Scribbles with Einstein - 2/6/2006

Hello again Bobtailers, I hope you are all well and looking forward to showing the love of your life just how special they are on Valentine’s Day.

It was when I was thinking about what to do for my beautiful wife Flossy that I realised how sad it must be to be a bunny on your own at this time of year. It’s bad enough spending long and lonely nights stuck in a hutch by yourself, but on Valentine’s Day when all around you are snuggling, it must be very hard indeed. Just in case you Romeo rabbits out there are struggling and wondering what to buy your gal, I’m treating Flossy to a big bunch of broccoli – it’s one of her favourites. I’m sure she’d rather have a bunch of roses to nibble on but mum says they’re not good for us.

Anyway, if your bun is on his or her own, why not do something special for Valentine’s Day and think about booking them in to Bobtails for a blind date. So long as they are spayed or neutered, they are in with a very good chance of meeting to love of their life. Delia’s ever so good at playing cupid and does her best to make love blossom – just look at me and my Floss ...

Talking of Floss, who is a long-haired Cashmere/Angora cross, there was a beautiful long-haired girl called Sky brought into the rescue recently in a terrible state. As I very well know, looking after long-haired buns is no easy task – they need constant grooming. Much to Flossy’s disgust and my amusement, she is clipped on a regular basis and goes from looking like a fluffy cloud to a little lamb in a flash!

Anyway, back to Sky. She’s an Angora lionhead bun and her fur was so matted that her skin was all cracked and sore. The poor thing really needs some TLC. When it comes to taking on a long-haired bun, I would urge anyone to think long and hard about it because it’s such a commitment.

Last week, I got a call from the lads in the top shed to say that Delia was going to be on the radio. We all feared the worst and worried she would sing but she just talked about rabbits. The radio station got it a bit wrong and said the buns here at the rescue were more or less on death row, which set a few noses twitching I can tell you! But Delia put the listeners straight and said that no-one here is sent to bunny heaven unless they are in pain and have no hope of being saved by super vet David.

And another good thing is that anyone out there who wants to come along and see what Bobtails is all about can come to our Summer Open Day in June. At the moment Delia and the lovely volunteers are still making all the arrangements but I will let you know all the details when I have them. At the moment the team is looking for people with amazing rabbit and guinea pig-related talents. I can hop like a bunny – do you think that will do? Perhaps I could be there to meet my readers? By then I’m hoping the lazy baby duo Florence and Dougal will have taken over from me – they’ll be much more of an attraction.

When dear old Mr Scruff passed away in the summer they were supposed to train up to take over his pages – I was only supposed to be helping out temporarily. I set about training them but Dougal showed more interest in chewing his own poo and Florence wanted to re-educated the world about living in peace and harmony, which is all well and good but of no direct benefit on a weekly basis to Bobtails.

Here is an example of the homework they produced this week:

Dougal: “We ruffled the squawking parrots feathers. That’ll teach him to wind us up. We got ’im good and proper.”

In actual fact, Delia let the pair have free run in the dining room overnight after they had unusually been in their cage for most of the day. When the lights went out, they got incredibly excited and made things go bump in the night. This in turn scared resident parrot Joe who had a flapping fit in his cage and bruised his wing and broke his flight feathers. Delia went down in the morning to find Joe splattered with blood from his injuries and two very sheepish-looking bunnies.

Poor old Joe is on medicine and not a very happy chappy.

Florence’s analysis of the incident: “I think Joe needs to find his inner peace and learn to control his fears. Perhaps a yoga lesson or two would calm his nerves and help him live in harmony with myself and Dougal.”

Can you see my problem?!

Last but not least I must tell you about volunteer helper Martine who is very bravely going into a school ‘in the City darling’ (I presume she means London). She’s going to teach youngsters about rabbits and why they shouldn’t have them until they’re old enough to take responsibility for them and realise what complex little creatures we are. Good on you Mrs.

And finally, like big Trev says on the news at 10 or whatever time it is, we’ve got a funny tale about Techno-idea Jim. The reason he didn’t put a picture on last week’s page was because he couldn’t. Funnily enough his technical ability didn’t hinder him this time, instead it was his wife Delia who had ‘dropped the camera’. Any excuse Jim, any excuse. Next time it will be ‘the rabbit ate my camera’. Laughing aside, it’s a distinct possibility at Bobtails.

Nudgey cuddles until next week.

We are next open:

***After 20 plus years it is with great sadness that we have decided that the time is coming to bring Bobtails Rescue to an end. Bobtails will finally close 1st November 2022***

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