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On this page are some of the guests staying at Bobtails until they can find a new family of their very own. Adopting a guinea pig shouldn't be taken lightly, we can live for over 7 years and need lots of room to live. Then of course there's all that food to pay for and vets bills when we're feeling poorly.

If you can't find a guinea pig that you think might fit into your life on this page, why not visit us, there are always lots of guinea pigs to cuddle and you might make a new friend.


Guinea Pigs for Adoption

Harry & Freda - WE ARE IN OUR NEW HOME
Harry & Freda are a pair of bonded piggies, Harry is a neutered male born August 2019 he is a ginger smooth coated piggie, Freda, a female was born May 2020, she is also smooth coated PE mink and white.


Jessica & Jasmine -WE ARE IN OUR NEW HOME - -
Jessica & Jasmine are a pair of female pigs born June 2020. Jessica is smooth coated ginger and white piggie, Jasmine is a Sheltie tri-colour, as she has long hair she will need regular grooming and trimming to keep her matt free.


Marge & Elsa -WE ARE IN OUR NEW HOME -
Marge & Elsa are a pair of female pigs, born August 2019. Marge is a crested tri-colour and Elsa is a white and ginger Abyssinian.


Mohave & Sahara -WE ARE IN OUR NEW HOME -
Mohave and Sahara are a pair of female piggies born January 2022. Mohave is a Abyssinian tri-colour and Sahara is a smooth coated ginger and white piggie.


Peach & Melody - WE ARE IN OUR NEW HOME -
This charming pair of older ladies, (6 years old) are now happily bonded into Stefanie's Surrey Squeakers Pigy Retirement home!


Gobi is a neutered male guinea pig, born November 2018, he is smooth coated black with a little bit of ginger! Gobi will be looking for a home with a female piggie.


Sonny & Buttercup - WE ARE IN OUR NEW HOME -
Sonny and Buttercup are a pair of bonded piggies, Sonny is a neutered male born June 2019 he is a crested ginger and white gentleman, very relaxed and confident. Buttercup is a smooth haired female pink eyed cream and ginger born Dec 2020, she is also a chilled out piggie.


We are next open:

***After 20 plus years it is with great sadness that we have decided that the time is coming to bring Bobtails Rescue to an end. Bobtails will finally close 1st November 2022***

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