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On this page are some some photos of our work at Bobtails and the animals that come into our care.


Photo Gallery

RSPCA rabbits
Some of the second batch.


RSPCA rabbits
Sarah gives a manicure.


RSPCA rabbits
The rabbit looks a bit concerned as Lorna has a rumage, hope Aileen has a good grip!!


RSPCA rabbits
I think this one's saying "thank you"


This is Bud who was dumped on our door step.


This is how he was left.


He is so thin, his spine protrudes.


Essex Rescue
On 23rd January 2009, we acquired almost a whole zoo's worth of animals that had been abandoned in a rented house in essex. The animals included 11 rabbits, 11 guinea pigs, 4 guinea fowl, 3 turkeys, 2 ducks and a cat. Here they are in the crates we collected them in.


Essex Rescue
One of the rabbits, Nessa, had terribly infected ears - full of pus and scabs. The poor littel girl must have been in quite a bit of pain. We cleaned her ears out and gave her antibiotics and pain relief. She'll be on the mend very soon, but what would have happened if we hadn't intervened?


Pixie's teeth - OUCH
Poor little Pixie has a horrific story to tell you - she had maloccluded teeth and her previous owner decided that, rather than taking her to a vet, where she would be treated under anaesthetic and with pain relief, they would do a DIY job on removing her top incisors themselves. We simply cannot bear to imagine how this was for poor Pixie. If that's not bad enough, this photo shows the state of her remaining (bottom) teeth on the day she arrived at Bobtails. Her bottom teeth have now been PROFESSIONALLY trimmed. It's a good job she made it to us in time. We can't bear to think what would have happened if she hadn't.


Minstrel's teeth were very overgrown when he came to us in July 2009. This photo shows what they were like when he first arrived. They have now been trimmed and he is able to eat properly without being in any pain.


Look at his happy little face now he has had his teeth trimmed.


Homer - Before his manicure
Harley arrived with us on the 28th February 2010 having been found as a stray. This photo shows the nails on his front paws before we clipped them...


Homer - Before his manicure
... and this photo shows the nails on his back paws before we clipped them.


Homer - After his manicure...much happier!
It took just a few minutes to clip Homer's nails to make him more comfortable. You can find more information on how to clip a rabbit's nails on our You Tube site at www.youtube.com/bobtailsrescueuk


Dismantling the old guinea pig shed.


Old guinea pig shed dismantled ready for the move.


Old hay storage area cleared ready for rebuilding of guinea pig shed


Up it goes!!


Now to rebuild the hutches.


New lino laid.


Benches and equipment back in.


New Medical unit, erected.


Floor and electrics installed, now for fitting out the interior.


Tehya, the new forman, come to oversee the refurb. Better make sure its right then!!!


The new medical shed is now open!
Our new medical unit, which has been fully fitted out with equipment to assist us in looking after ill bunnies and piggies was opened on Sunday 27th February 2011! Here is a photo of the first "patient"!


Hermia's nails
Hermia came to us with very long nails after living in a hamster cage. She could hardly walk when she arrived and these are the nails that we clipped. She's fine now - and much more comfortable.


Aggi's bottom
Poor Aggi came to us with a very dirty bottom in the middle of summer and it was therefore a wonder that she didn't have flystrike. This photo shows her before we tidied her up.


Mitcham Rescue
This was the first hutch we opened


Baldrick returns in a state
Baldrick arrived at Bobtails as a baby in 2009 along with a number of his siblings. His mother nibbled off his ears, tail and some toes as a result of her living in stressful conditions. He was otherwise healthy and was rehomed. He and lived with his new wife for a number of years. However Baldrick's wife died recently and he has come back to us. We were horrified and disappointed at the state that he arrived in. See more photos below …


We are next open:

***After 20 plus years it is with great sadness that we have decided that the time is coming to bring Bobtails Rescue to an end. Bobtails will finally close 1st November 2022***

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