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Sponsor Rabbits & Guinea Pigs

The cost of sponsorship is just £36 for one year (or £3 per month). You will receive a certificate, history and fridge magnet as well as quarterly news letters. See below for the residents available for sponsor.

You will get a Certificate...as well as a welcome letter...and even a quarterly newsletter!

If you would like to sponsor a rabbit or guinea pig
please send an email to bobtailsrescue@aol.com and ask for a sponsorship application form. Or check out our Ebay shop.


Muffin has problems with her back end, an x-ray showed that she had previous suffered a broken pelvis and leg. Due to ongoing health problems Muffin has become a permanent resident.

Muffin is kindly sponsored by:
Audrey Mayer, Joy Bosworth, Sharon Killick, Karen Macey, Richard & Clare Price, Amba & Stan Wade, Gill Osborne, Joanne Barnes, Anne Hantouli, Julie Marshall and Debbie Potter.


Rabbit or Guinea Pig Hutch
Or why not sponsor a rabbit or guinea pig hutch and see who passes through the centre.

The following people kindly sponsor a Rabbit Hutch:
Audrey Mayer, Dawn Rowling, Julie Willis, Anne Bidwell, Jolanta Golan, Sylvia Smith, Mrs Marion Stockton, Anne Hantouli, Arshad Kamal, Charlotte Boote and Ashtead Pet Boarding.

The following people kindly sponsor a Guinea Pig Hutch:
Barbara & David Buchanan, Wendy Noblet, Elizabeth Weller, Jessica Pearce, Madge & Sue Shawcross, Lisa Nottingham, Rosemary Eldridge, Jenny Durrant, Eileen Helen Uppheim, Linda Chidgey, Karen Macey, Carol Fuller, Lesley Carpenter, Racheal Fulton, John E. Roth, Jamie Marley and Sarah Loosemore. (Sarah can you contact Bobtails as we haven't got your current address)


Humber and Phoebe
Humber and Phoebe are neutered Dutch bunnies. Phoebe (the agouti and white one) originally came to us with another female called Pandora via the RSPCA. Phoebe has head tilt which has stabilised and doesn’t affect her at all – she just looks thoughtful. However Pandora was passionately protective of Phoebe and aggressive to humans. Humber (the ginger / brown one) was born on 29th April 2010. He came to us as a single male but he also has behavioural difficulties. They are unsuitable for rehoming as they remain quite unpredictable with people. Sadly Pandora passed away in October 2016.

Humber and Phoebe are kindly sponsored by:
Monica Littleboy, Joanne Edwards, Amba & Stan Wade, Kim Britton, Sharonjeet Banwait, Joanne Barnes, Charlotte Boote, Carol Fuller, Richard & Clare (& Lucy the cat)Price, Roger Adamek, Rosie Hillier, Roy Stewart,Julie Garton-Cannell, Kelly Stemp, Malcolm & Davina Russell, Milly O'Sullivan, Rosie O'Sullivan, Pippa Marshall, David Manso & Amaya Fernandez, Diane Driver, Nikki Brown, Anne Hantouli, Alan Jacobs, Lola Jade Whalley, Helen MacDonald, Opu Anwar and Lucy Mathers.


Mickey and Aspen
Mickey has an abscess below his left ear which is flushed and cleaned every couple of days. His has been bonded with Aspen who has a messy bottom and has suffered flystrike in the past. Due to ongoing health problems Mickey and Aspen have become permanent residence.

Mickey and Aspen are kindly sponsored by:
Carol Fuller, Elizabeth Briggs, Richard & Clare Price, Mary Bridge, Claire & Alasdair Evans and Mrs. P. Mustoe-Roberts.


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