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Scruff's Scribbles with Bud - 9/16/2006

It’s Bud, the little soldier here reporting from my day's manoeuvres at Camp Bobtails.

Brave – that’s me, not brave enough to let them take my tackle. Delia and Jim who have saved my life now want to ‘remove my tackle’. I will start a petition ‘Save Bud's Tackle’. Tell all your bunny friends to help me.

What, you mean yours are neutered and spayed already. You mean it’s good for us to be neutered. It keeps boy bunnies from being aggressive, spraying urine and thinking about ‘you know what’ all day! All girl bunnies should be spayed as they get uterine cancer, have phantom pregnancies and think about ‘you know what’ all day.

Auntie Delia just wants to add “that too many litters are born each year and too many unwanted bunnies end up here or in other rescues and these are the lucky ones!” (Auntie Delia has a booklet all about Spaying and Neutering and questions to ask your vet, before the big day!)

Now that’s enough of tackle talk.

Let’s move on……now hear this…. I have loads of gossip …I mean information to inform you about.

Have you seen our ‘Adopt a bunny page?’ Wow, there are loads of little and big soldiers needing a 'forever' home, we are full to bursting. Lot’s of bunnies are reserved subject to a home check and/or successful bonding. Good luck fellow buns!

If you can't adopt a bunny or piggy why not Sponsor one or two or three.....Volunteer Auntie Pat has been very busy setting this. There will be more information on the 'Sponsor' page as soon as possible. In the meantime please email Auntie Pat at StwPtr@aol.com for an application form (available by email as a word document or by post).

Residents available for sponsor are: Me (of course!), Taz & Emmy, Iris & Jaja, Stella & family, Clara & Demateo and Buddy (Guinea pig).

Yum, Yum, Yum ‘Supa Rabbit Excel’ is everywhere. It’s great having a Sponsor. Thanks again ‘Burgess’. We munch our way through at least 200 kgs of Excel a month!

And still the news pours in - our first ‘Open Day’ was a wonderful success. There will be a new page on the website as soon as possible to Thank everyone involved. A list of raffle winners will also be added (all winners have been contacted – I’m really sorry if you didn’t win.)

Now, as a little soldier I am already famous. But, did you know that we’ve had a film crew here, marching up and down filming this bunny activity and that. They had our wonderful Betsy showing off her huge feet! It was great fun watching the film crew expecting us bunnies to perform to their script!

Auntie Delia ‘told us off’ and, as her loyal soldiers we did what we were told.

The production company kindly donated a number of DVDs for us to sell to help raise funds for the charity. If you would like to purchase a copy of this wonderful, educational DVD, on how to care for bunnies please let us know. There is something for everyone. The DVD is available to purchase at the Rescue with all funds raised going straight to our charity.

It would make a good Christmas present! Christmas?? ... did I really just say Christmas?!

Stand by your bunks, bunny report – we still have too many of them.

I guess you’ve seen on the website that we were involved in rescuing over 180 rabbits, mostly lionheads, from a lock-up garage – the enemy (a breeder) had let things get out of control. Sadly, 100 were put to sleep, too poorly to be saved. Auntie Delia and Uncle Jim rallied the troops and saved 75 bunnies. Can you offer any of them a forever home, like my mate the very handsome Crumble?

We currently have 130 bunnies needing homes, with many more on the waiting list.

Don’t forget to check out the ‘Care Article’ page to find out about our guidelines for preparing for a home vheck.

You can see all our little soldiers and photos and IDs on the website. Remember, remember, bunnies and piggies shouldn’t live together.

That reminds me, remember, remember the 5th of November will soon be here - please keep us safe this year. Believe it or not, us little soldiers don't like loud explosions and flashing lights in the sky, it's very scary.

Talking of flashers, volunteers Will and Sarah are doing a fantastic job as the photographic team. Will does make the ladies squeal, chasing them around the garden flashing this way and that! All you can hear around the garden is .... screams of delight and the odd "does my bum look big?" .

There should really be more photos of me, Bud the Brave, Bud with Balls! I'll get our flasher onto this next week.

Piggy update - we have guinea pigs everywhere. We currently have over 45 piggy friends needing a home. I will report on my little friends in more detail next week.

Love to all your little soldiers, til next week ...

Bud the little soldier - Over and out!

We are next open:

***After 20 plus years it is with great sadness that we have decided that the time is coming to bring Bobtails Rescue to an end. Bobtails will finally close 1st November 2022***

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