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Scruff's Scribbles - 9/30/2005

For those who have not read our news page, I have some very sad news. Our good friend Mr Scruff is now looking down on us from bunny heaven.
It’s been a terrible shock for us all here at Bobtails and for his old mum Zoe, and we’ve all been wondering how on earth to break the news to his website friends.
As an old friend of Mr Scruff, Delia asked me, Einstein Bunny, to write a few words on behalf of all the lads in the top shed, whom Scruff talked about so often.
So here goes….
I’d been at the rescue for a few weeks when the was mutterings among the hutches that Delia was in love with a muscular young lad. We feared for Jim’s future and wondered where he’d be rehomed. Would he be paired up with another bunny before his departure and would the new head of the house give us such good helpings of cabbage and carrots?
It wasn’t long before word got round that Jim was being allowed to stay, so long as he bonded with the new boy and was happy to share his home.
It was a good few weeks before we all got to see the handsome new chappy and realised that Delia hadn’t founds herself a new husband at all and that Mr Scruff was in fact a rabbit.
To begin with he was a horror, snootin and tootin around the garden like he owned the place – all because he was allowed to stay inside and had become a Bobtails permanent resident.
He’d shimmy up to our hutches telling us about life on the inside, in front of a blazing fire and a colour television.
But it wasn’t long before his ‘the big I am’ attitude dropped with us and he began to sneak out treats, such as extra carrots, bits of wallpaper and tins of beer he’d stolen from a party – not that any us knew how to open them.
We all got extra toys, what was his was ours.
He always had a good ear for listening to our troubles, well let’s be honest, they were big enough weren’t they!
If one of us felt poorly, he’d make sure we were on the mend after a dreaded trip to the vets. He made sure frightened new bunnies settled in properly and told us story upon story about the squawking thing inside, his lovely Laura, techno-idea Jim and our wonderful Delia, who he said frequently meets herself coming backwards.
And even though he lived indoors, he never ever forgot who his friends were.
We are all going to miss Mr Scruff and his view of what is sometimes a very cruel world. It’s just a guess, but I think he’s probably stretched out with a girl bunny in a huge carrot field in the sky, telling her all about Bobtails and the wonderful family it is.
One thing I’m absolutely certain of is that his spirit will never ever leave me or any of the others in the Bobtails gang, from the naughty volunteer laydees to the countless rabbits he rehomed through his web page.
I’m going to have to go to dry my eyes now, but I will be back soon to carry on good work of Scruff’s Scribbles. It’s a very big honour and I’ll do my best to write about interesting things, but as a wee lion head cross, one thing I’ll never do, or even want to do, is fill the big lad’s shoes.
I will, however, on his behalf, say nudgey cuddles to you all. I know I could do with one right now….

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***After 20 plus years it is with great sadness that we have decided that the time is coming to bring Bobtails Rescue to an end. Bobtails will finally close 1st November 2022***

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