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Scruff's Scribble with Einstein - 10/19/2005

Havenít the days been so dark recently? Iíve been trying to catch the last of the summer rays as they shine through the window, but itís not long before the rain sets in and the skyís all dark again.

You know when winter is on its way when you hear fireworks going off left, right and centre, weeks before Bonfire Night. They have brought in new laws now which prevent such terrible misuse of the bloominí things but as with anything, the police canít be in all the places all the time.

I moved into Bobtails in the spring so I missed this treat, but apparently, according to the lads in the top shed, Delia sings louder and louder to disguise the bangs with her dreadful voice. I thought we should perhaps call the RSPCA about such cruelty, but the lads said itís so awful that itís funny - a bit like the contestants on Pop Idol, whatever that is??

I read the newspapers most days and learn such a lot of things. Iíve got a lot of live up to with a name like Einstein. TV isnít really my cup of tea. Iíll never forget my first experience of the telly - Mariah Carey was singing. I was horrified. I sat and listened to her entire performance ícos I didnít want to be rude, but to be honest, Iíve not been near the thing since. My poor delicate ears.

My lovely wife Floss says Iím a bore with my nose stuck in books all the time. She much prefers to chew them instead. Sheís such a hooligan.

Anyway, I heard my foster mum talking to Delia on the phone the other day about lots of things I thought you might find interesting.

First of all, you should all tell your humans to make sure you are wrapped up properly for winter. Thereís bound to be a frost soon.
Itís a good idea if you can move your hutch into a garage or, better still, inside. Failing that, get some insulation wrapped around your hutch and make sure thereís no hay and straw sticking out of your home on Bonfire Night - stray sparks and all.

I also heard that Narla, the little girl bun who came in with a broken bone sticking out of her leg, is off to her new home this weekend. The even better news is that sheís been paired up with Charlie.

Some other fantastic news is that my brother Newton, whoís waited so long to find a good home, has been paired up with Bonnie. Even better news is that his new mum Alison has become one of our volunteer aunties and sheís ever such a hard worker.

Sheís made a great partner for Auntie Pat, who has become a real whiz at finding all the new bunnies hutches. Itís quite a challenge, yet sheís running round like Mary Poppins, making room in quarantine for another one here and another one there. She canít fly though - or at least we havenít seen her fly yet.

Jim and Delia were up to no good on Tuesday night. I heard on the grapevine that they left the rescue in the dead of night, dressed in black and carrying rabbit boxes. It was like something from a James Bond movie - or a Carry On film with Barbara Windsor and Sid James.

They were on a mission to a very dodgy area to rescue three buns who an elderly lady couldnít look after any longer.

They had to find their way round the back of a very dark block of flats and were warned they could meet resistance from neighbours. After tripping over various shopping trollies, paint cans and other rubbish, and hearing police sirens rushing their way, they found the rabbits and collected them up - with no resistance from the neighbours.

They talk about double trouble Florence and Dougal being up to no good, but what sort of example are they setting? Actually a very good one, because if it wasnít for their determination to go out of their way to help rabbits, I, and numerous others, wouldnít be here today.

Talking of Florence and Dougal, their personalities are emerging even more. Florence is the clever one and Dougal is, well, a Dougal.

When theyíre fed, she eats her food very calmly and he runs around with his, panicking that sheís going to pinch it, which she does when sheís finished hers. If he just ate it there wouldnít be a problem. Silly young things - weíve all been there.

Anyway, as Scruff always said, nudgey cuddles to you all. Until next week....

PS Thanks for the nice messages on the guestbook

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***After 20 plus years it is with great sadness that we have decided that the time is coming to bring Bobtails Rescue to an end. Bobtails will finally close 1st November 2022***

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