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Clash of The Small Furry Animal Gods!!! - 7/19/2011

Clash of the Small Furry Animal Gods – by Emily (age 10)

The last time that Squeak God of Guinea Pigs looked down to the puny planet Earth he was pleased with the sight that befell his eyes. Guinea pigs living in king size hutches with loyal humans tending to their every need but that was eons ago. Corruption had since seeped back into the hearts of humans who now only few remained loyal to their pets. The entire hutch shook with Squeaks anger at the dramatic change of events, he made a vow that he, Squeak, God of Guinea Pigs was going to help every guinea pig who's owner intentionally or not caused discomfort for their pets. He knew of only one hero willing of such a task- DELIA.

A month passed with Squeak tracking down the mistreated pets sending signs and messages to Delia who then took them with her to be looked after. And within that month they rescued over 100 guinea pigs, so many that Delia moved house to one with a bigger garden to accommodate the sheds which held the hutches. She also had a bigger lawn so the guinea pigs could sit in their runs and mow away, nibbling till their stomachs bulged. They also managed to give some new homes (checking to see what the owners were like first).

Squeak was thrilled at the amount of guinea pigs they had helped. But Twitch was furious. Twitch, God of Rabbits was angry with Squeak because he had helped so many without saying a word. Twitch saw many rabbits were too being mistreated and wanted to helping them like Squeak had with guinea pigs. So to exact his revenge Twitch sent his own hero – JIM to equal the playing field.

Squeak was livid when news of Twitch's plan reached his soft furry rounded ears. Jim was to go to Delia's house and release the guinea pigs into the street, knock Delia out so that she gets amnesia and he then would make her think she served Twitch. They would then start rescuing rabbits and rehoming them. Squeak couldn't bear the thought of all the work he and Delia had done being all for nothing. But Squeak as much as he tried, could not think of anything to stop it except to wait.

Jim kicked the door to Delia's house in and stormed through to the garden grabbing the keys to the sheds as he went. Delia was out buying hay and food for the many animals in her care. Jim went to the first run (as it was a sunny day, some of the guinea pigs were eating grass) and lifted off the lid. He picked up one of the guinea pigs scuttling around then flinched as he heard a car pull up to the house. He quickly ran to the side gate and slipped out into the arms of Delia who was dragging several bags of hay. It was love at first sight, Jim - star struck, walked back to the run and put the guinea pig back in it and ran out. Back home he worked on a card which Delia found the next day. It said that he was sorry and that he wanted her to come for a pizza, which she accepted. 1 month later they got engaged much to Squeak and Twitch's disgust. 2 months later they got married, and in that time Jim and Delia started to help rabbits as well as guinea pigs. It took them a further two weeks to convince Squeak and Twitch that it was a good idea to work together to help both animals have a better life.

In the end Delia, Jim, Squeak and Twitch all decided to make a contract that stated that Delia and Jim would try to help equal amounts of guinea pigs and rabbits but when asked to sign, Squeak shook his head and said to just try and help those who need it. So Squeak and Twitch made an alliance and set hutch guidelines so that animals have enough space. Minimum for rabbits - 180cm x 60cm x 60cm, for guinea pigs – 120cm x 60cm x 46cm. And so Bobtails Rabbit and Guinea Pig Rescue was formed changing guinea pigs and rabbits lives for the better.

Emily – human carer to Malvolio and Octavia

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***After 20 plus years it is with great sadness that we have decided that the time is coming to bring Bobtails Rescue to an end. Bobtails will finally close 1st November 2022***

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