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Scruff's Scribbles with Einstein - 2/19/2006

Iíve coming out of hiding in the Cotwold hills this week for a trip to Bobtails and my what a busy busy place it is. Some of the lads in the top sheds warned me it was a bit of a squash up there, but I couldnít believe just how much of a squash Ė there are so many bunnies and guineas all having a good natter with one another. I just wish they could all find fantastic new mums and dads like I did.

I was very privileged to have a chat with a super little bun called Bud who was dumped outside Bobtails a few weeks ago. You can read all about him on the news pages of this website. He was telling me his weight has gone up from 734g, which is pitiful for any grown bunny to be, to 955g. What a brave little boy he is. Heís not daft though, and is lapping up every bit of attention from anyone and everyone. He was telling me heís got a particular favourite when it comes to the kind volunteers Ė and thatís Auntie Alison.

It nearly brought a tear to my eye watching the poor little chap try to wash his face. He canít quite get both paws going at the same time and fell over. Deliaís assured me that heís getting stronger every day.

I was having a nosey outside in the garden today and one thing I did notice was the noise coming from the guinea pig shed. Now I am quite used to a bit of noise, living with a squawking budgie called George, but thatís one noisey shed full of guineas. I heard that Bobtails has quite a lot pregnant guineas at the moment and is expecting an explosion of babies in the next few weeks. Delia says that people donít tend to think of going to a rescue for a baby guinea, or baby bun for that matter, and trot off to the pet shop instead. Well listen here, Bobtails has shed fulls all needing good homes, so forget the pet shops and head down to Ewell.

The reason I have come down from the hills and am resting my weary eyes at Bobtails is because I needed some dental work doing. And it was while I was at the vets that I heard Bobtail buns Dave and Bridget talking about how fantastic David the vet is at operations. Dave and Bridget were handed over to Bobtails by their owner who couldnít cope with Bridgetís mucky bum. And she had a bit of a flabby tummy which meant she couldnít clean herself. Anyway, a quick nip and tuck down below by Dr David and sheís all fixed. It just goes to show that sometimes a problem can be fixed and the answer isnít always handing the buns over to Bobtails to mend.

I always like to try to highlight a bunny each week who really really needs a loving home and this week itís the turn of a very handsome chap called Shadow. Heís a neutered black Rex and while he is seven years old, heís fighting fit with a personality most bunny owners would love every rabbit to have. Despite his lovely nature, none of us can understand why people just walk straight past him. If youíre going to Bobtails this weekend, stop by his pen and say hello Ė maybe heís just what you need, and Iím sure youíre just what he needs. For more information about him, visit the rabbits page on this website.

Our volunteers never fail to make me smile and this week itís the turn of Auntie Pat. Last Saturday night she went out with her husband Roy to a beer festival in Battersea. Now obviously she didnít stick to the lemonades all night and enjoyed a few halves here and there Ė but no matter how tiddly she had been the night before, the lads in the top shed were most impressed when she still managed to make it here to Bobtails on her bike early the following morning. Thereís nothing better for a hangover than a few mucky bunny bums and a shed full of squealing guineas.

And on that note, Iíll be off. Nudgey cuddles to you all. And remember, if youíre looking for a bun or a piggie, give the pet shop a miss and Bobtails a call.

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***After 20 plus years it is with great sadness that we have decided that the time is coming to bring Bobtails Rescue to an end. Bobtails will finally close 1st November 2022***

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