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Mr Scruff's Scribbles - 6/1/2005

Oh my fur and whiskers, as the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland famously said, what have I done?

Last week I told you a big French lop named Jimmy had moved into Bobtails and word in the warren was that heís bigger than me. Well I should have kept my big cabbage-loving mouth shut. Now there are two more big French lops bounding around Ė four of us in total.

And whatís dented my ego even further is that one of them is a girl and sheís even bigger than me. I heard all those fickle volunteers fussing over her in the shed. ďOh isnít she beautiful, oh isnít she bigĒ, they bubbled. They fussed over me like that once upon a time. Well Iíll teach them. I donít have to wee in the litter tray you know Ė and has no-one ever shown you girls just how much wee us French lops can produce. Just you wait. Iím on strike. No more nudgey cuddles for any of you until respect is restored.

With any luck, these big boys and girls will soon be off to new homes and I will rise again as the biggest bun at Bobtails.
Iím going to move on now Ė Iím not bitter, as you can probably tell.

Anyway. On a very serious note, Jim the human fell through the roof of a rabbit pen which houses the colony of eight bunnies. They all rushed over to him to find out what the fuss was about but when they realised he was no good to them flat on his back they carried on playing and eating.

At least they went to see if he was ok, which is more than Delia did. When she first heard about Jimís fall, her reaction was Ďoh my God are the rabbits okí? Iím sure that womanís a rabbit in disguise Ė I just canít work out how she hides the ears.

Youíll be pleased to hear Jim survived his fall but did injure his back. We all hope it gets better soon.

One special little bun who deserves a mention this week is Vincent, a little honey coloured lop who is about four months old. He only has one ear and was going to be drowned by his owner. Thankfully, helped by the fact so many people come forward to offer Bobtails bunnies a home, there was room for him at the inn and heís settled really well. Heíll be looking out for a new owner in the coming weeks.

Youíll no doubt be aware of our brave adventuring friends Sir Parsley and Rhubarb who are travelling all over to raise money for Bobtails. They recently called in at The Willow Warren, which is the home of West Wales Willow, and obviously impressed them so much that they sent a big box of Timothy Hay for us all to enjoy back at Bobtails. They also sent some fabulous toys for us to play with including something called the Mound Ė itís great fun, it wibbles and wobbles all over the spot.

A couple of the lads here in the runs at the top of the Bobtails garden have asked me to get in touch with the jet-setting duo to ask them if theyíll pop into Burgessís factory up in North Yorkshire to see what they can persuade them to send us.

They also suggested Sir Parsley and Rhubarb visit a brewery but I think weíd struggle to persuade Delia that we eat hops in the wild and should Ďgo back to basicsí with a pint or two. And to those dear little bunnies out there who arenít old enough to be served at the bar, donít try this at home Ė rabbits donít really drink beer.

The hay sent by West Wales Willow will boost that already donated on a regular basis by kind supporter Andrea Harding. Does this mean weíll get double the amount of Timothy Hay?? I hope so, itís sooooo special.
Anyway, that brings me the end of another scribble. Donít forget to remind your humans that in this warmer weather you need plenty of water and extra cleaning out to keep those pesky flies away from your rear.
Iíll certainly be drinking more water in the coming week, even if it is just to teach those disrespectful volunteers a lesson or two.

Nudgey cuddles to all Ė with the exception of the disloyal few.

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***After 20 plus years it is with great sadness that we have decided that the time is coming to bring Bobtails Rescue to an end. Bobtails will finally close 1st November 2022***

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