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Scruff's Scribbles with Bud - 10/4/2006

Sunday, what a day it’s been! The poor Aunties, Uncle Jim and Flasher Will got soaked to the skin. We’ve had thunder and lighting, we had a small number of bunnies out on the patio (the ones that still need a ‘forever home’) under gazebos to protect them from the elements, when a major panic set upon us. We had closed, and were all having a cup of tea when the wind picked up and took the gazebos for a fly across the patio. Now how many volunteers do you think it takes to catch and put away 3 gazebos? 11, yep, 11 volunteers trying to catch the gazebos, before they landed in next doors garden. Luckily, all the bunnies had already been put away. Bud’s tips – your bunnies and piggies should never be outside when the ground is wet or it’s raining – we need to be warm and dry at all times.

After all the gazebo excitement the volunteers could hear laughing from inside the house. Auntie Delia had been watching the chaos from the window…….Auntie Delia was only allowed to watch today as she’s been poorly and is on cage rest! Get well soon Auntie Delia, we all miss you xx

With Auntie Delia being poorly, Uncle Jim has been near exhaustion (no change there then!) All the wonderful volunteers have really ‘stepped up to the challenge’ and helped with extra shifts this week.

Auntie Pat has been cleaning out and feeding all week, she has helped reduce our numbers by adopting yet another piggy named…..Stupid! Who would name a cute little piggy Stupid? I can’t possibly comment.

Auntie Alison, has also helped our numbers by re-homing yet another bunny (she now has 3 bonded pairs from us - Ha ha!) Auntie Alison has also been doing extra shifts in addition to her University lessons; she’s training to be a Nurse – well done you!

Auntie Karen (the wee one) has taken a few days off from her day job (most people take days off work to go on holiday, Karen helps at Bobtails, aren’t we lucky) to care for the poorly buns, make tea for Auntie Delia, feed Uncle Jim and generally run around like a mad thing helping wherever she can! Hmmmm, I don’t think she’s adopted or fostered anything this week!

Sarah and her flasher husband Will (Bobtails photographic Team) have also helped with extra shifts this week that’s when they’ve had time to leave ‘Will Young’, yep, ‘Flasher Will’ is a secret ‘Will Young’ fan and has seen him in concert twice this week! It’s strange because we only hear him humming Elton John’s music!

Now let me tell you all about our Auntie Lisa, if you’ve seen her profile on ‘meet the team’ you will know she is the younger, better looking one of the team…yeah right! Have you seen her photo? Auntie Lisa arrived on Sunday, slightly hung-over from the night before (no change there then!) Lisa kindly brought back 2 bunnies she had been fostering that were off to their ‘forever home.’ I overheard Lisa saying “phew, I don’t have to get up as early with two less mouths to feed and care for.” Later in the afternoon Uncle Jim proudly announced that he had more bunnies in than space and could the volunteers take some home with them…sorry Lisa!

Now, I’ve not mentioned another one of our Aunties, Auntie Nadine, who came to Bobtails for a look around with her young son Jake and never went home. Auntie Nadine is the quiet member of the team, she looks after us all with tea and food (very important to feed the volunteers as much chocolate as possible – we need to keep our strength up. Nadine helps with us with the huge amounts of paper work required to run a rescue. They have 2 rabbits and also help by fostering…... It’s your own fault, you offered!

Auntie Claire (the southern one) has been returning all the telephone enquiries this week. Auntie Claire has also been very busy co-ordinating and doing home checks.

Auntie Claire has asked me to say a “HUGE THANK YOU” to all the home check volunteers. Auntie Karen has been to Essex this week to home check for our wonderful English Lop Lincoln. His blind date is arranged for later this week – fingers crossed for them both.

Sarah and our flasher have been home checking around Middlesex and Surrey.

Ann and her daughter Kim have been real stars this week and have won the star for most home checks in a week.

Bradley and Sarah have both been amazing, they have really helped look after their mum and dad, cooked and cleaned, in addition to caring for the animals and supporting the volunteers. I wonder how many tea bags we get through in a week!

Now, it’s taken me a while to mention my engagement which was announced last week. The good news is I’ve met my new wife. I’ve only seen her between the wire as I’m still entire! Something isn’t quite right….I’m not sure what yet, I’ve only seen one side of her. The boys in the top shed say it’s her best side, what’s wrong with her? Have you seen her, are you sponsoring her? I can’t wait for her to turnaround! Please write and tell me about her – please use the ‘guest book’ to tell me more. Anyway, that’s enough about me; let me tell you what else has happened this week.

I’ve been sent 1 email from a lovely lady called Justine who has built the most fabulous bunny palace. Please send me your accommodation ideas; we would love to display them on the website and at the Rescue. Emails to Claire@doedropinn.co.uk
Go on, send us your photos. We’d love to see them.

As a charity we always need to raise funds and one way of raising money is by Sponsoring a Bobtails bunny, piggy or hutch for a monthly or annual subscription? In return, you get a photo and a letters and you can visit us whenever we are open. Your subscription helps keep us safe and well. Please contact Auntie Pat via email @ StwPtr@aol.com or see the Sponsor Pages that are now updated.

Even though the weather was awful today we had lots of lovely people visit and reserve bunnies and piggies – Thank you for braving the weather. Bud’s tips – why not use clear Perspex on your wire doors to keep the wind and rain out, remember to leave a little space for air flow!

As a rescue we need to be organised and plan ahead…so let me tell you about our plans for fund raising this Christmas, yep, I did say Christmas. We are in the process of designing and printing ‘Bobtails Rescue Christmas Cards.’ These were a great success last year so don’t forget to add one to your Christmas list.
Now last year you may remember that we produced our first ‘Bobtails Rescue Calendar’; this was such a wonderful success and raised lots of money for the Rescue, which in turn saved lives! We are going to do it again this year. Uncle Jim is sooo excited, he missed the photo session last year and is very excited about this years the buns in the top shed say he’s been practicing his pose in his ‘speedos’ and wants to be Mr February – the month of love! Hmmm, how do we tell him it’s a bunny and piggy calendar not a ‘half naked old man calendar!’ We want to raise funds, not scare people! Shhh, don’t tell him. Mind you, if you do want an Uncle Jim calendar do let us know! Some say he does look more like Father Christmas - Mr. December, than Mr. February.
What would Auntie Delia say? Mind you if it raises money…….

Definitely a long engagement! Why does she have a good side?

It’s a new month, which means the theme changes for names; can you guess what the theme is this month? Last month was ……..cars! Who else would name a rabbit Ford, Ka or Honda!

How did the grown up DIY go this week?

Last week I mentioned it’s time to check your buns and piggies accommodation for the winter months, just to remind you:-

o Have you checked the accommodation for wear and
o tear?
o Is the wire still secure?
o Do you have bolts on all doors? (Foxes are clever and can
o open twist catches. Keep us safe. Bolt us in!)
o Don’t forget to look at the back of the hutch and underneath!
o Is the wood rotten or has it warped in the summers heat?
o Does the wood or felt need replacing?
o Do you need a new piece of lino?
o Are water bottles clean? (Not green and slimey!)
o Do you have a suitable cover to place over the hutch in winter to keep us warm and dry?
o Why not Perspex wire to keep the wind and rain out

Oh well, I’m off for some veg and a little look at Clara. Funny, I can’t get the thought of Uncle Jim in his Speedos out of my mind! Don’t have nightmares, sleep well!

Don’t forget, we have lots of bunnies and piggies needing a ‘forever home.’ You can also make a donation via our Donate button on the website.

Until next time. Sleep well!

Bud – over and out

We are next open:

***After 20 plus years it is with great sadness that we have decided that the time is coming to bring Bobtails Rescue to an end. Bobtails will finally close 1st November 2022***

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