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Sad news & more sad news - 8/29/2005

You’ll remember from last week the poor bunny who suffered at the hands of a cruel public figure, he was brought in to us in a terrible state. Sadly he died at the weekend and we are all absolutely devastated.

That loving little chap, who was starting to get excited about being put out on the lawn, and who clearly loved all the attention he was getting from everyone, just wasn’t strong enough to stay with us. Delia sat up with him during the night, making sure he wasn’t on his own when his final hour came. Just thinking about the dreadful life that little sweetheart suffered is bringing tears to my eyes as I write this. I know he didn’t spend long with us, but at least he was shown a little bit of kindness before he died.

While we’ve still got our hankies out, I’ll tell you my other bad news. Our dear friend Claire, who I’m sure you’ll all know because she’s rehomed hundreds of Bobtails’ buns, has lost her old friend Jessica this week.

She nursed that bunny through thick and thin and gave her the best possible chance against all of her illnesses, and, even though Jessica had so many problems, I know she’ll have wanted for nothing - Claire’s such a fantastic bunny mum and we’re all thinking of her, wishing there was something we could do to ease her heartbreak.

We’re angry at the cruel public figure and we’re very upset for Claire, but I can’t let you go without at least trying to cheer you up...

Firstly, I must tell you about Tech-no-idea Jim. After his latest mistake I’ll be surprised if Delia doesn’t send him out to the bunny sheds for a few nights. He’s certainly in the dog house.

My fans were eagerly awaiting a picture of me as a baby which, to my horror, was to accompany last week’s scribble. All week they logged on, desperate to catch a glimpse of cute old me. Somehow, through ‘no fault of his own’, Tech-no-idea Jim deleted the picture, along with another email from my old mum Zoe. She bothered to get in touch all the way from the other side of the world, and Tech-no-idea goes and deletes her kind words and picture.

So please, pretty please, can you get in touch because ‘they’ have no way of contacting you. Muppets, the lot of them.

Even dear daughter Laura is in the dog house this week. She passed her A-levels last week and is now looking forward to going to uni. I thought I was going with her, but as it happens I’m staying here at Bobtails and will see her in the holidays.

It seems I need some qualifications if I am to go with her to university. I’m busy at the moment wondering which courses I should take to get some qualifications. I thought vegetarian cooking would be a good one because it involves my hobby – eating vegetables. Then I heard media studies is dead easy, so I’ll be sure to do that. At the moment I sit all day with my nose in the newspapers so I probably know enough to pass already. I struggled to come up with any more subjects, but will be sure to let you know what I decide.

I’m quite sad not to be going with her just yet. I’m really going to miss her.

I’m so down in fact that I’ve turned to comfort eating. I was foraging about for food in the house the other day when I came across a pile of bags containing dried grass.

I wasn’t hungry but I thought it would do for comfort food. Anyway, before I realised what I was doing, I’d nibbled into all the bags.

I heard she who must be obeyed on the phone the other day telling someone what I’d done. She thought I must have opened each bag because I was looking for the tastiest one or that I wanted to ruin the bags so they couldn’t be sold but really I was comfort eating.

Anyway, I’ll be off now. Sending nudgey cuddles to everyone who needs one, especially my good friend Claire. x

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***After 20 plus years it is with great sadness that we have decided that the time is coming to bring Bobtails Rescue to an end. Bobtails will finally close 1st November 2022***

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