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Happy New Year - 1/2/2007

Christmas as a ‘Bobtails’ Foster…

Hello everyone my name in Bugsy. I’ve taken this opportunity to write to tell you all about me and mine.

I live as a Bobtails Rescue Foster Bun in Chessington, Surrey with my mum Ann, Kim, Terry and Chris. I came to Bobtails about 4 years ago because my owner who loved me had to move and re-homed me via Bobtails. Bobtails were full so my mum Ann fostered me and loved me sooo much that I’ve become a permanent foster (lucky me!)
Four years ago I lived with Gertie the Guinea Pig, (and as we all know piggies and bunnies shouldn’t live together, we are best with our own kind) so, she now lives in the next door pen with 2 other piggies and is much happier.

I (Bugsy that is) live with Karl the mad ‘Lion Head’ rabbit that was rescued by Bobtails last June. He is my third and youngest husband, number one being my Oliver who I loved very much, then came the ‘Giant’ Jimmy or Jimbo to me. They have both hopped over to the bunny Rainbow, I do miss them, according to my mum it was because I wore them both out!! Moi?

This Christmas has been very busy as we’ve had boarders to stay for their Christmas break that has meant another 8 mad rabbits. Then mum brings home from Bobtails three pregnant guineas and one that had just given birth to 3 little horrors, I mean baby piggies! I call them horrors as they have the pen upstairs from me and talk non-stop all day. If the telly is on they like to chat so that I can’t hear what is going on in ‘Neighbours!’ My favourite programme.

We’ve had a wonderful, very special Christmas present from Father Christmas….we closed our eyes really tightly when we heard a rustle in the chimney so we didn’t see him, the best present ever. A loving forever home. What every bunny and piggy needs for this New Year.

We have a very good time here as a Bobtails foster. Mum and Kim have lots of Bobtails animals in and out. Most of them are either poorly, pregnant, starved or all three. In this wonderful foster home we get given lots of love and lovely food especially our favourite - fruit and vegetables, all nice and fresh.

Each group of Guineas have a lovely big hutch to run around in (sheltered in the autumn and winter months) and a lovely safe and secure run. The foster bunnies have fantastic housing and large runs (for information about housing and runs sizes please refer to our Care Articles page, then find– Preparing for your Home Check document.)

We love being fostered here as our dad Terry has made the garden safe for us in the warm days to take turns running free, but only when supervised by all the family, Mr Fox and Mr Crow are always about!

Mum and Kim clean us out each day to ensure that we are happy in our foster home and that we always smell sweet.

We also share our happy foster home with 2 special cats Blackie and Lady. They think they are very superior. They are scared of the guinea pigs because when they were kittens the guineas were bigger than they were! They are also scared of the bunnies; I think Jimbo the giant scared them!

Happy New Year to you.

Love Bugsy

We are next open:

***After 20 plus years it is with great sadness that we have decided that the time is coming to bring Bobtails Rescue to an end. Bobtails will finally close 1st November 2022***

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