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Scruff's Scribbles with Dougal - 5/9/2006

Yo bunny lovers, it’s me again, rapping Dougal from B-B-B-Bobtails rabbit rescue.
I know you’ve all missed me but there’s nothing I can do if the Bearded One, Uncle Jim that is not Auntie Delia, decides to ban me from the computer. He said I was using it inappropriately.

Anyone would think I’d been looking at girl bunny websites, but oh no, not me, I was looking to see where I could hear some good rap music in the Ewell area while having a little nibble on the mouse – nothing too serious.

Anyway, I’d love to tell you what I’ve been up to but I can’t. Instead my love Florence said I’ve got to tell you about all the gossip that’s been coming and going through the dining room.

First of all, we’re having an open day on Sunday, June 11, and I can’t wait. All my fans will be able to drop in and say hello to me, get my autograph and feed me a few nibley treats. Florence has just told me ‘it’s not all about you’ and she’s right – you can also meet my good pal Bud, who’s equally as famous but more about him later.

The idea of the open day is for our supports and members of the public to come along, get some information and have a bit of fun. Auntie Delia will be putting more on the website soon but she asked Florence to make sure I told you about the bunny speakers who are coming along. They’re a star attraction. How many talking rabbits have you seen?

Florence is about to pull my tail off for being silly – I’d better be serious. We’ve got some bunny experts coming along to talk about bunny health, including acupuncture for bunnies, massage for bunnies and a rabbit physiotherapist. She said we’ve got face painting and balloon making, though why anyone would want to paint a rabbit’s face is beyond me. We’ve also got a white elephant coming, though I don’t know where he’s going to go, we’re already full to bursting with rabbits. It’s a mystery to me but hey ho you live and learn.

The most important thing is that entry is free and you get to meet me.

Some of our special supporters have taken on fundraising challenges for us in the past few months and they deserve a big pat on the back – especially volunteers helper Auntie Pat who swam 100 lengths with her hubby Roy and raised £1,226.00 for us, and if that isn't fantastic enough...the company they both work for is going to double the amount cos they have some charity giving scheme. How good is that?

Neil White also ran the London Marathon and is going to split the money he raised with us, Greenfields Rabbit Rescue and the Alzheimer’s Society.

Our next bit of news is gangster rapping great. Auntie Claire, the southern one not the northern one, has been determined in her mission to get Burgess, the Gods of rabbit food in my eyes, to sponsor Bobtails. I can’t tell you much more at the moment but I hope this means my food bowl is going to be overflowing with Burgess Suparabbit every time I go to it. The lads in the top shed are all hopping with joy and promise to be much nicer to Auntie Claire given that she’s been such a star.

Another bit of amazingly good news this week is that old Git Face, also known as Disney, has found love. In the past Einstein and Mr Scruff have both told you about his cat-chasing antics and the time he pierced Princess Fiona’s ear. Well, after much persistence, Delia has managed to help Disney, who lives in the Big Smoke with Martine, fall in love with Princess Fiona. Now we’re all waiting to see if Princess Fiona calms him down or whether he teaches her to hunt cats down and terrorise them.

The lads in the top shed are having a bet and say she’ll be chasing cats in no time. I should hope so, no woman should ever change a man. Like us or leave us – that’s what I say.

Just don’t leave us on the Bobtails doorstep without telling Jim or Delia first. I heard a right commotion the other night. Delia was flapping about like the squawking shuttlecock we share the dining room with.

It turns out she caught a woman dumping a wee bun on our doorstep. Delia was very polite to this woman, who told her that if we didn’t take it she would let it go, knowing full well a fox would eat it. The rabbit in question is fudge, a lovely female. The woman’s reason for dumping her on the doorstep was that she’s five years old and the children were worried she was going to die. What a load of rubbish – we all die my love and the sooner you’re children accept that the better. The new bunny you’ve no doubt got sitting in your garden, poor little might, will die at some stage, whether it’s tomorrow or in 10 years time.

Delia asked me to stress that Bobtails will never ever turn anyone away so there’s no need for cruel doorstep dumping. Had Fudge been left on the doorstep a fox could have got into the box and eaten her. She’s have been much better in here with us. Sometimes people have to go on a waiting list but we do prioritise – there’s no need to dump.

Anyway, Fudge will be looking for a new home soon so if you think you’ve got a bit of love to give her please get in touch.

Bud, who was also dumped on our doorstep, is making really good progress. He’s been well enough for the vet to take blood samples and we’re just waiting for the results of those. Thanks again to everyone who has sent money to help him get better.

He’s been well enough to have the run of the hallway, which is where we usually play. He pulls faces at us through the glass in the door and shows off. We’re very cruel and turn our backs on him, but we love him really. He’s such a star. I hope he can find himself a girlie soon. In the meantime, he's spending some time with his temporary foster mum Karen.

Anyway, that’s was all a bit soppy. I’m a hard-as-nails big rapping rabbit, with a big fluffy tail and a cauliflower habit. If you see me in the street give me a wave, but don’t go expecting me to be-have.

Oh my music career’s going to go so far.

See you soon Dudes and don’t forget our open day.

We are next open:

***After 20 plus years it is with great sadness that we have decided that the time is coming to bring Bobtails Rescue to an end. Bobtails will finally close 1st November 2022***

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