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Scruff's Scribble with Einstein - 12/5/2005

I know it’s been a while since I sat down to write to you, but things have been mayhem here in the Cotswold hills.

We’ve had men banging about all over the place, plaster sloshing around our ears and have been shifted from room to room like unwanted ornaments.

Things seem to have settled down a bit and we are thankfully connected to the outside world again with the internet, meaning I can make bunny contact.

Firstly with some disturbing news – Bobtails had another unwanted bun left on the doorstep a week or so ago. Someone must have seen the newspaper article talking about the last dumped bunny and thought it a good way to dispose of their dwarf lop. Well let me say this – leaving a bunny on the Bobtails doorstep on a freezing cold night in a tiny box, to be found the next morning sitting in wee and poo is not a good way of rehoming a rabbit. It’s irresponsible, careless and quite frankly criminal.

She’s settling into Bobtails well and will be spayed and vaccinated before she finds a new home.

If Tech-no-idea Jim is up to speed with us, there should be a picture of her with this Scribble ... Jim?!

Jim and Delia were away at the Rabbit Welfare Association Conference when this bunny was dumped. They were off learning all about bunny health and the like. No doubt their new found veterinary skills will be tried out on us in the coming weeks – bend over Einstein, I just want to feel the position of your inner left toe nail. Great.
Actually, I’ve heard my mum on the phone to Delia this week, telling her I’ll need a trip to the V-E-T She thinks I’m stupid and don’t understand but I know fine well that come the end of the week I’ll be upside down on vet David’s operating table having my teeth rearranged. Fabulous. I think it’s about time I started weeing on the sofa again.

Talking of which, Flossie, my darling wife, was sitting on dad’s knee a couple of weeks ago, looking longingly at his chocolate and red wine. She could only take so much teasing and after about five minutes of him not sharing she weed all over his lap, and she’s a big girl with a lot of wee. How we laughed.
Anyway, back to business. While Delia and Jim were away at the RWA conference the volunteer aunties opened up without them and Delia has asked me to mention what a good job they did. By all accounts, they coped brilliantly.

Florence and Dougal certainly had them wrapped around their little paws. “Feed us, no-one’s fed us yet” got them every time. Delia said they were plumper on her return but could understand how the aunties fell for their charms. They are irresistible. You’d think that after a weekend of being fattened up the little monkeys would be far too stuffed to try to steal RWA and West Wales Willow goodies which were being stored at Bobtails after the conference. But oh no, always room for a little snack.

Have any of you come across Omlet’s eglu for rabbits? Omlet approached Delia for her views on the design and while she has concerns which she is discussing with the company, she is keen to hear the views on any Bobtails friends who have come across them. Drop her an email to share your views.
The last words this week are going to come from my pupil Florence, who is progressing a lot faster than Dougal in mastering the art of reading, writing and computer technology.

This week she wrote: “Don’t forget to buy all your friends and family members a Bobtails calendar and Christmas card. They’re very cool, have some lovely pictures of my friends inside and are a real bargain compared with some of the calendars I have seen for sale this year.”

Dougal added his cheeky charm by writing: “For goodness sake, who wants a calender ful of great tits.” He was of course talking about the calendar one of the volunteer aunties had in her bag for her bird-spotting loved one, but I can see we’re going to have to keep an eye on him. What a monkey.

If you would like to support Bobtails by buying a calendar or some cards, your support would be gratefully received. Click on the news pages to find out more.

Anyway, that’s the end of another Scribble from me. I hope you’re all well, keeping snuggley warm and smiling. Nudgey cuddles all round. x

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***After 20 plus years it is with great sadness that we have decided that the time is coming to bring Bobtails Rescue to an end. Bobtails will finally close 1st November 2022***

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