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Scruff's Scribbles with Bud - 7/5/2007

Itís been a funny old week. After months and months of seeing my foster mum double in size, now Iím seeing double. Thereís not just my mum anymore, thereís my mum and one other. We at the Duncan household are very proud to tell you about our latest arrival Ė Hadley Samuel Duncan.

Heís a big lad for a rabbit, weighing in at 7lbs 14.5oz on Tuesday this week. He looks funny for a rabbit too. Joking aside, our mum Karen has had a baby boy and heís gorgeous. I went with some of the lads from the top shed and had a look through the hospital window Ė heís lovely and I canít wait until he comes home.

A few of the Bobtailsí crew have gone wobbly at the knees over him, even volunteer helper Auntie Claire Burley who has always said sheíd rather have a bunny than a baby any day but was brave enough to help with the delivery. Worryingly I heard Auntie Delia telling someone on the phone that Auntie Claire has the scars to prove she was there Ė I shudder to think. I also heard Auntie Delia saying Auntie Claire was an Ďabsolute starí.

No doubt young Hadley will have to pull his weight at the rescue and he wonít be allowed to get away with not working just because heís a baby.

Meanwhile weíve had Auntie Lisa looking after us, which was lovely but we will be glad to have our mum home again. Weíve missed her lots. I hope Hadley likes cabbage and hay. I wonder which pen he will go in.

Usually Iíve got lots of bunny gossip and nothing juicy on the human helpers, but this week Iíve got loads. Auntie Delia is in training for the Grand Prix, or something like that. I think sheís racing at Silverstone at the weekend Ė but donít quote me on that.

Florence told Lincoln, who told Uncle Einstein in the hills, who told his girlfriend Flossie who told me, so thereís a chance it might not be right, that she was having some final tuition last week with a motorcycle instructor, even taking a very important test, when someone tried to run her off the road

Auntie D was riding along on her motorbike when this ladeee driver tried to overtake but didnít quite leave enough space for Auntie Delia and knocked her off her bike. She skidded along the road, taking all the paint off her fancy racing helmet and hurt her handies and her leg and other things.

I heard from Uncle Einstein, who was visiting Bobtails for a dental last week, that she couldnít even hold him down to trim his nails, which shows how seriously hurt she was because we all know Auntie Delia likes nothing better than pinning us down and giving us a manicure and pedicure.

Anyway, back to the story, which didnít end with a ride in an ambulance or anything dramatic like that. Brave Auntie Delia got back on her bike and finished the test she was taking and passed.

Iíve yet to get confirmation about Silverstone but Iím sure itís right, especially as Bobtails is closed on Sunday. Auntie Delia is obviously racing, my mum Karen is skiving with the new bunny, erm I mean baby, and the other helpers are busy too so thereís no-one to open up. Fair enough I say, itís been a busy week already without the excitement of the Sunday afternoon rush.

Anyway, down to bunny business, Since I last wrote we have taken in an awful lot of new bunnies, including a whole army of Dutch bunnies who were being kept in horrendous conditions in Brent. They all need new homes, including loads of cheeky little baby buns who are hopping circles round the oldies among us. Keep an eye out for their pictures on the website.

The only other thing Iíve got to tell you is to be prepared for the school hols. Every year thereís a rush of people wanting rid of their bunnies because theyíre going away on a fancy holiday and havenít arranged boarding for their buns. Some people donít even call the rescue to bleat the excuses down the telephone, they just dump them in the street, which is unforgivable. Anyway, word to the wise Ė make sure your bunny is cared for while you are away.

Itís been an exciting week for the Bobtails gang and Iím sure I speak for everyone when I tell my mum Karen that weíre all thinking of her and Hadley and wishing them huge bunny thumping CONGRATULATIONS.

Nudgey cuddles to all, especially wee Hadley.

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***After 20 plus years it is with great sadness that we have decided that the time is coming to bring Bobtails Rescue to an end. Bobtails will finally close 1st November 2022***

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