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Scruff's Scribbles with Bud - 9/15/2006

It’s Bud, the little soldier here reporting from my day's maneuvers at Camp Bobtails.

I’m The One - remember me from Bobtails News? It tells my story and how the enemy had treated me before I was dumped, you didn’t think us bunnies could be so brave. I bet you never thought I would write a scribble for you to enjoy!

Brave – that’s me, ‘Bud the little soldier’ look what I’ve been through. I couldn’t have done it without my wonderful support team that looked after my mind and body. I’ve heard a rumor they want to remove my army tackle soon but I’d like to see David the vet try!

Now hear this … I have loads to inform you about. The northern Claire has given birth to a new recruit Eleanor. Congratulations to you all. Sending Flossie and Einstein our love, be brave fellow bunnies, Eleanor won’t scream for long!

More good news, we now have a Sponsor -‘Burgess Supafeeds’ are supporting us with tankfuls of fuel… to you that’s bags of Excel. All bunnies are on extra rations – thank you very much and well done southern Auntie Claire.

And still the news pours in - our first ‘Open Day’ was a wonderful success. We would like to thank everyone for their donations, help and support and for all of you for attending the day. We had some wonderful raffle donations. There will be a new page on the website soon to thank everyone involved. A list of raffle winners will also be added (all winners have been contacted – sorry if you didn’t win),

BUNNY REPORT - We have too many of them!

BUNNY REPORT Take 2 - Could you offer a forever home to a little soldier? Not me I’m afraid, I’m being fostered by Auntie Karen, the wee one.

I do have to mention that Auntie Karen went on a long deserved holiday and I was left in the care of Auntie Claire. I believe she is now suffering from post traumatic rabbit disorder – apparently caring for me is very demanding? Who – me??! I heard Karen saying before she left that if anything happened to Bobtails‘ little soldier ……it doesn’t bear thinking about. No pressure!!

I guess you’ve seen on the website that we were involved in rescuing over 180 rabbits, mostly lionheads, from a lock-up garage – the enemy (a breeder) had let things get out of control. Sadly, 100 were put to sleep, too poorly to be saved. Delia and Jim rallied the troops and saved 75 bunnies. Can you offer them a home?

Thank you to the foster carers.

You can see all bunny and piggy photos and IDs on the website. Thank you to Sarah and Will for taking the photos. I (Bud that is) can only apologise for the names, we have a theme each month! Can you spot the theme this month?

We currently have 130 bunnies needing homes, with many more on the waiting list!

Piggies – we have guinea pigs everywhere! We currently have over 45 friends needing a home.


Did you know ...

* we use over 10 bales of hay and straw a week!

* we wash and sterilise over 400 water bottles a week!

* we receive over 300 telephone calls a week – more at peak times of the year!

* every bunny and piggy receives a selection of fresh vegetables in addition to their dry feed each day!

* we provide educational information packs for bunnies and piggies!

* we spay and neuter all our bunnies before re-homing!

* we vaccinate all our bunnies for Myxomatosis and VHD!

* every animal receives a veterinary check-up on entering the rescue and prior to re-homing!

* we offer 6 weeks free ‘Pet Plan Insurance’ with every bunny adopted!

* Auntie Alison who had 1 bunny when she started volunteering for us a year ago, now has 5 and 2 piggies (ha ha!)

* Auntie Karen (my Captain) and Auntie Mary foster a large majority of the bunnies and piggies that need constant veterinary support and care. They look after all the little soldiers that can’t be re-homed for whatever reason – between these two lovely ladies they care for over 50 Bobtails bunnies and piggies at their homes!

* Christine and Clare spend at least 1 day a week at Bobtails cleaning out – Thank you!

* all this gossip, I mean news, is making me tired. I need a little rest.

Thank you Uncle Jim and Auntie Delia and all the volunteers – if I’ve not mentioned you by name this week, I’ll make sure I get gossip about you for next time!

Bud the little soldier - Over and out.

We are next open:

***After 20 plus years it is with great sadness that we have decided that the time is coming to bring Bobtails Rescue to an end. Bobtails will finally close 1st November 2022***

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