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Scruff's Scribbles with Bud - 9/25/2006

Let’s start with some very sad news, DeMateo one of our longest serving little soldiers passed away this week following a long battle with his health. Auntie Delia and Uncle Jim fought very hard for this little man. We are sorry to lose him. We will all miss him.

Sadly, DeMateo’s wife ‘Clara’ is now on her own, which means...

I’m getting a wife! Yep, Bud is getting married, after all I’ve been through the Aunties (volunteers) want me married! I’ve heard rumours in the top shed that my ‘tackle’ will need to be removed 4 weeks before my wedding night. I’m sure this can’t be right. The boys in the top shed are all nodding. I think a long engagement sounds best.

I think I’m thrilled to be getting a wife! I’ve not met her.

Will she be sticky up eared, or lop eared? Will she be young, energetic, spayed, vaccinated and beautiful? Will she be petite? Maybe she’s a ‘Dutch’ or a ‘Dwarf Lop’, she won’t be a ‘Giant’ or ‘French Lop’, will she, no, Clara must be another ‘Netherland Dwarf!’

The boys in the top shed have been laughin’ at my constant questioning, apparently they know Clara and keep asking me if I’ve heard about the ‘Bobtails Sponsorship Scheme’ (you know, where you can sponsor a little soldier (bunny, piggy or a hutch) for a monthly or annual subscription))…it would appear that Clara and DeMateo were on the sponsorship scheme. Now I’m aware that the scheme is for bunnies and piggies that are poorly or can’t be re-homed for whatever reason. Surely, they were on the scheme due to DeMateo being poorly, nothing to do with my Clara.I did overhear someone saying ‘Clara looks a little strange’ Maybe she’s soooo beautiful that everyone is jealous!

It would appear that Clara will still be on the sponsorship scheme - I wonder why? Have you seen her? Are you sponsoring her? (Thank you if you are) Is she beautiful?

Oh well, I guess I’ll soon find out soon enough. She’s moving in soon. Auntie Karen (the wee one) is bringing her home for us to meet between the wire.

Love is in the air, everywhere we look around.Auntie Delia and Uncle Jim are bonding bunnies and piggies everywhere. Thank you for adopting our soldiers. Fingers crossed love blossoms for all of you. “We really hate living on our own.”

More good news, ‘Betsy’ our wonderful French Lop girlie has found her ‘forever home.’ I know Auntie Claire (the southern one) was sad to see her go. Be brave Auntie Claire, Auntie Delia will have another big soldier for you to foster soon!

DIY report - I guess you’ve noticed a change in the weather. It’s getting a little damp and colder out there. We soldiers don’t like being damp and wet…yes, I know we sit out in the rain that’s because we’re silly!

Now’s the time to get your grown up humans out into the garden for some bunny and piggy housing DIY:-

• Have you weather proofed your garden run and hutch?
• Have you checked your little soldier’s home for wear and tear?
• Is the wire still secure?
• Do you have shoot bolts on all doors? (Foxes are clever and can open twist catches. Keep us safe by bolting or padlocking us in!)
• Don’t forget to look at the back of the hutch and underneath!
• Is the wood rotten or has it warped in the summer heat?
• Does the wood or felt need replacing?
• Do you need a new piece of lino to protect the floor inside?
• Are water bottles clean? (Not green and slimey!)

Bud’s tips - an old sock around a water bottle in winter can stop it from freezing

How will you be keeping your little soldiers warm and dry this winter?
Why not tell us on our guest book.

We’ve been carrying out lots of ‘home checks’ this week and have seen some wonderful DIY bunny homes. (Thank you to all our Home Check Volunteers.) Have you thought about converting a wooden garden shed or children’s playhouse into a bunny love nest? Adrian, one of our little soldiers is having his blind date as I write and will soon be off (love permitting) to his new bunny palace. Well done Adrian what a fabulous new home!

Remember, the recommended, minimum (Bobtails/Rabbit Welfare Association/RSPCA) hutch size, per floor is 5ft x 2ft x 2ft, or larger if you have a ramp (as this takes up space) or medium/large bunnies, plus a large, secure run (at least 6ft x 3ft). Even bigger is even better!

Why not send me a photo of your bunnies’ or piggies’ accommodation. We will display your photos at the Rescue for everyone to see.

The best accommodation ideas will appear on Auntie Claire’s (the southern one) website with a link from ours.

Please post your photos to :

Accommodation Ideas, Bud – Our Little Soldier, Bobtails Rescue, 44 Arundel Avenue, East Ewell, Surrey. KT17 2RG.

Or email your photos to Claire@doedropinn.co.uk who will pass them onto Bud.

Don’t forget to add your bunnies’ and piggies’ names. We are unable to return your photos, so make sure you’ve kept a copy.

How exciting! I look forward to your photos and comments on the guest book .

Tell all your friends that we still have over 100 hundred animals needing a ‘forever home.’

Until next time ...

Bud – your little soldier – over and out

We are next open:

***After 20 plus years it is with great sadness that we have decided that the time is coming to bring Bobtails Rescue to an end. Bobtails will finally close 1st November 2022***

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