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Scruff's scribbles - 6/20/2005

Hello darlings, Iím sorry this weekís bulletin is a bit late Ė Iíve been out in the garden catching few rays, sipping Pimms and nibbling on strawberries fed to me by a beautiful bun in a bikini.

Oh no, slap my fluffy paws, I must have lost consciousness with the sun. Actually, Iíve been sprawled in the shade, panting for every breath and struggling to lift my head for water. As for the bun in a bikini, thereís Delia in her Bobtails T-shirt. Do you think those lovely laydee volunteers who help on a Sunday would wear bikinis? Oh, if only. Dream on Scruffy.

So, itís been a hot old weekend and donít us poor fluffies know it Ė especially the seven piggies who came to us in very sorry state on Sunday.

I lifted my head to see an emergency ward being set up in the med shed. First off we had four guineas in cardboard boxes. They had holes punched in the side of the boxes but that wasnít enough to save them from the heat. All were suffering from heat stroke and one had completely collapsed. Our girls set about wrapping them in luke warm wet towels and giving them fluids.

Just as they were breathing life back into these little chaps, another lady came with three guineas, one of which had also collapsed.

Special nudgey Scruff cuddles must go to Sunday helper Claire and piggy foster carers Anne Fairhall and her daughter Kim who had only popped in to pick up some more foster guineas. You all did wonderfully and helped Dim and Jelia save the piggies.

More water please, Iím going all fuzzy just thinking about the state those poor chaps were in. The worst one had started fitting. Thankfully they have all recovered now and are rather annoyingly squealing with delight as they get to know the rest of the gang here.

Sticking with the heat for just another paragraph Ė donít forget we need our water topping up in this oh so glorious weather. On Sunday, silly Delia thought we were playing games and knocking our water bowls over when in actual fact the heat was making the water evaporate. Once she realised, she was ever so apologetic and came along topping up everyoneís drinks, a bit like a waitress on a cruise liner Ė Ďmore Pimms sir?í

There I go again Ė drifting off, not being able to tell reality from dreams.

Now you really will think Iím hallucinating here but I swear on the cabbage Iím having for tomorrow's tea, itís true.

I was in the Bobtails garden last week when Delia started behaving very strangely. She was with this woman and was visiting everyoneís litter tray with a syringe, sucking up wee and labelling it.

Iíd been watching them closely, wondering what on earth they were up to. Whatever it was, they werenít going to get anything from me.

Sure enough, they got to my litter tray and demanded I wee. They tried whistling, running a tap, squeezing my bladder Ė you name it they did it. Anyway, I didnít wee.
I held it all in until they had disappeared. Then I slipped into the piggy shed and did a great big French lop wee on the floor. That will teach them Ė or so I thought.

They jumped out from behind a bush, dived in and sucked up my wee with a syringe.

I had to have serious words with Delia. Itís not the sort of behaviour you expect from staff at a five-star hotel.

It turns out her partner in crime, Helen Swift, is studying at the Royal Veterinary College and is researching the protein in bunny wee to check for kidney disease. Good for her is what I say. You seemed like a lovely young laydee and can come back to check my wee any day.

Something else which upset my routine this week was a clearout in the Bobtails attic.
Now call me a hoarder, but what is the point in throwing perfectly good things away?
Delia had a great big pile of belongings in the living room which she said were no longer needed. Now to me, all us buns are here at Bobtails because we are no longer needed, so I thought I ought to do my bit and rescue the belongings from being no longer needed.

There was a cuddly dolphin which I rescued and hid under the squawky birds in the dining room, a wicker basket which I took off to hide, some books which I nibbled to make them useless to anyone else and a few other things which I half-inched to save them from the bin.

Anyway, after a good telling off from she who must be obeyed, I learned the items were for Karen Pankhurst and Paula who were holding a car boot sale to raise cash for Bobtails. You live and learn....

One last thing before I snuggle on down for another nap. Where are you off on your holidays this year? I canít quite decide between Italy, France or Greenland. Actually my choice is more limited to Frimley,
Hayes or Sutton. Frimley is where the Doe Drop Inn is, courtesy of Sunday helper Claire and her ever-so handyman Gazza (sorry, Gary), Hayes is where Critter Sitters and Bobtails regulars Karen and Martin hang out and Sutton is where lovely Auntie Mary and Uncle Dick live.

They all of course offer bunny boarding, which is vital if your humans are off on holiday this year. The Doe Drop Inn is new to the brochure this year and joins Critter Sitter and Mary's Bobtails Manor. Expect a welcome drink and a full briefing on bunny outings when you arrive from our Bobtails tour rep, erm ... sheís not really a tour rep but it sounds great.

Anyway. Enough dribble from me for another week. Keep cool by placing a bottle of frozen water wrapped in a towel close by at all times, whether travelling or lounging, and watch out for those buns in bikinis.

Pleasant dreams.

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***After 20 plus years it is with great sadness that we have decided that the time is coming to bring Bobtails Rescue to an end. Bobtails will finally close 1st November 2022***

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