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Scruff's Scribbles with Einstein - 1/28/2006

Before any of you say anything Ė I know, I know, I know. Iím such a lazy rabbit. I ate far too much over Christmas which meant I couldnít lift my big fat belly up the stairs and to the computer to write to you all until now.

Mumís had me on a diet and finally, after a few hours of being chased round and round the house by my beloved Floss, I can be bothered to write a few lines.

While Iíve been getting back in shape, Bobtails has been overrun by bunnies and wee guineas. There are far too many to count and another 121 on the waiting list waiting to come in. In days gone by, the volunteers who help on a Sunday were given a cheese bun at the end of their shift Ė now they have a rabbit pushed under each arm and are waved off down the drive. The rescue is full to bursting.

Delia says weíre gradually getting through things and the waiting list is moving but with so many needing neutering, vaccinating and bonding, time soon goes by.

Itís often the same sad old tale - people canít be bothered to look after their buns and guineas when itís dark and cold Ė shame on them, thatís what I say.

Weíre so loyal and loving, whatís a bit of time in return?

Iím really looking forward to my next visit to Bobtails Ė apparently there are lots of babies waiting for homes and I do love cooing and ahhing over the little ones Ė little rabbits that is, not the human variety.

One particular family Iím looking forward to meeting is half wild. The babies came in with their mum and now theyíre looking for a home thatís a bit out of the ordinary. Because they're half wild, they are little escape artists, meaning your average garden run isnít going to hold them in. They are so easy to handle and cuddle, adorable in fact, they just need an extra secure home. They will be a rewarding find for someone. If you think you might be able to adopt them, look out for Evie and Babies on the rabbit section of the website.

Talking of adorable babies, my two young students, Florence and Dougal, who are in training to write Scruffís Scribbles, had a naughty Christmas as Iím sure youíll be able to imagine.

Bobtails had a huge delivery of toys and food from Tamsin and Adele, of the Rabbit Rehome and Rabbit United forum, for which we are all very grateful. They had a fundraiser and made lots of money and sent parcels to lots of different rescues. In the Bobtails haul there was all sorts.

Silly Delia left the parcel in the hall way which was an ideal spot for a couple of night-time raiders Ė Florence and Dougal. The pair helped themselves to what they fancied before the rest of the goodies were distributed to the troops out in the garden on Christmas morning.

So many people gave gifts and cash for Christmas, itís heartwarming and we all say a very big thank you to everyone Ė you know who you are and so do we.

On these cold winter days and nights, when the buns and guineas canít get out to play so much in the garden, itís nice to have a wicker balls to roll around or something special to gnaw.

Itís a good job Florence and Dougal struck before the Bobtails CCTV was installed. The lads in the top shed told me new fangled cameras have been put up so Delia can keep an eye on what everyone, including Jim, is up to. Some of the girls went a bit daft grooming themselves for the cameras and a few of the lads have had to tone down their antics in the middle of the night. Celebrity Big Brother had nothing on the lads and lasses in the top shed.

On a serious note, the cameras have been put there for extra security, and thereís even one at the front of the house so we can see if any buns have been left on the doorstep. Sadly this does happen from time to time and they could be sat there in the cold all night if they werenít spotted.

Anyway, I think thatís about all I have to say this week. I am back up to full speed again now and will be writing on a weekly basis, so donít forget to keep checking what the Bobtails brigade has been up to.

Nudgey cuddles to all. Einstein ;o)

We are next open:

***After 20 plus years it is with great sadness that we have decided that the time is coming to bring Bobtails Rescue to an end. Bobtails will finally close 1st November 2022***

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