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Below are comments left by our visitors. If you would like to leaves us a note please send us an email.

Name: The Archers
Date: 11/11/2006
Location: Surrey
Email: sarahhj.archer@ntlworld.com
Comment: Hi Bobtails, Just a quick line to let you know that Badger and Rolo have settled really well and are getting used to the general hubub of being indoor guineas. Once again, thanks for letting us enjoy these lovely pets. The Archers.

Name: ferni and louise
Date: 11/5/2006
Email: fernipops@hotmail.co.uk
Comment: hi delia i don;t know whether you remeber us but we got shady from you and you bonded him with dolly. i am just writing to tell you that shady (a.k.a skip now) got head tilt but has been give on the all clear! speak soon x

Name: Amy
Date: 11/4/2006
Location: chingford
Email: i_luv_shoping@msn.com
Comment: thnks this site really helped me my rabbit is realy happy and healthy and every time i go to see her she jumps up and is really exitedamy and sugar xxx

Name: Ann
Date: 11/1/2006
Location: Chessington
Comment: Hope you are feeling better little Bud. Nuggy cuddles from Bugsy and Karl love Ann and Kim

Name: Buggy Jay
Date: 11/1/2006
Location: Birmingham - Midlands
Email: Jay29_Nov@Hotmail.com
Comment: What a fantastic site, and we commend your efforts for the welfare of these animals. We have two rabbits already, but we really wish we could adapt more. We like to wish you all the best and one day hope to pop over and see your place ourselves.

Name: Charlotte Beaumont
Date: 10/16/2006
Location: London
Email: gilly@colourchange.com
Comment: Hello my name is Charlotte and I am seven years old and I was wondering if you have rehoused my guinea pig. He is called Coffee (his name when he got originally got him from you was D.J.). He is a short haired black guinea pig and is very lovely. We gave him back to you because his mate, Phoebe died and he was all on his own without a friend. I would really like to know if he has gone to a good place. Love Charlotte.

Name: Alivia Hall
Date: 9/30/2006
Location: London
Email: Aliren333@aol.com
Web: www.thecavyden.com
Comment: Hi Delia and Jim! I just thought I would let you know that Wiggy and Scrumpy are great! We built them their own custom Cage which is huge! I will take some pictures to show you. Next Sunday we are coming down for a visit, I will also donate our petshop cages because we built new cages called C&C cages for all the pigs! I also will buy the calanders if they are ready, I am still using the 2006 one - it's great! Maybe Wiggy and Scrumpy can be on the calender? Will send their photos. WELL DONE your doing such a GREAT job! Alivia and piggies xx

Name: Alfie & April Billinghurst & parents!
Date: 9/28/2006
Location: High Wycombe, Bucks.
Comment: Hello Auntie Delia & Uncle Jim, Just a little hello to say thank you so much for looking after us while our Mum and Dad went on holiday. We enjoyed our time immensely and are already flicking through brochures so Mum and Dad can go away again and then we get to see you and the buns at Bobtails! Hope to see you all soon Alfie and April xxx (oh and Mum and Dad say thank you very much as well!)

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***After 20 plus years it is with great sadness that we have decided that the time is coming to bring Bobtails Rescue to an end. Bobtails will finally close 1st November 2022***

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