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Below are comments left by our visitors. If you would like to leaves us a note please sign the guestbook.

Name: Bunzai Bunny (& Mom)
Date: 28/09/2008
Location: Texas, USA
Email: kanin82@gmail.com
Comment: Thanks for all you do to help us bunnies that need homes. Mom says maybe once we get moved to the UK she'll see about getting me a bunny boyfriend to lounge about with. I'm not too sure about sharing my treats yet. *nose wrinkle* Thanks for helping out and caring for all the bunnies and piggies! I hope we get to come visit!

Name: Vicky Tearall
Date: 19/07/2008
Location: Surrey
Email: thattgirl-x-@hotmail.com
Comment: Heyy, My friend Eva adopted two rabbits called Daisy and Sherbet a few years back and they are soo big now its unbeleivable. I am looking after them again when Eva goes away this year and i can't wait to see them again they are getting on so well .

Name: claire
Date: 02/07/2008
Location: harrow weald
Email: williamsiac@btinternet.com
Comment: hi twitchy and downee are fine. but they havent been in the run for some time because there always downstairs in the bottom part. i've got sports day today so i have to go i'll speak to you soon bbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyy bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyy

Name: Katie Burstow
Date: 25/06/2008
Email: Maryburstow@BT Internet.com
Comment: Pootle and Poe have settled in very happily. They love their double decker hutch and spend their time rushing up and down, playing at chase. They seam to like keeping their own space and can often be found one upstairs and one downstairs. Favourite food includes Carrots and French Beans (expensive tastes for the latter!)

Name: claire
Date: 25/06/2008
Location: harrow weald
Email: williamsiac@btinternet.com
Comment: hi it's me sorry i haven't e-mailed you in quite a long time. Twitchy and Downee are doing fine and they have been in the run a few times. it is quite hard to get them up from the bottom bit of the hutch though. my grandad has been giving me lots of fresh greens for them and they have been eating them like ganits. i'll speak to you soon. CLAIRE

Name: claire
Date: 30/05/2008
Location: harrow weald
Email: williamsiac@bt internet.com
Comment: hi it's Claire and i am so sorry i havent emailed you sooner. Twitchy and Downee are fine and because of all the rain from the past few days have been snuggling up together. i will email you on sunday hopefully on your next update on Twitchy and Downee bye-bye

Name: Dennise Robinson
Date: 29/05/2008
Location: Walton-on-Thames, Surrey
Email: dennise@carerssupportrunnymede.org.uk
Comment: Some time ago I spent a wonderful afternoon with you cleaning cages. I only wish I could help regularly, but unfortunately circumstances and distance don't allow. My first guineas from you brothers Frizzles & Filbert have both now gone.Frizzles came back to you for bonding with 2 girls I named Nugget and Felicity. They are both fine and along with my budgie,lovebirds,chinchilla and deaf cat make for a happy and interesting family.Hoping to come back and see you one day, you gave me so much help with the piggies.Dennise

Name: Davina Macdonald
Date: 17/05/2008
Location: West End, Surrey
Email: davinamacdonald@btinternet.com
Comment: Hi everyone at Bobtails! Just to let you know that Colca (formally Cognac) has settled in so well, he really loves skipping and running around the house and then chilling out lying full length next to Misti. They are a great couple and it's been great to see that it's truly give and take with all that they do. They both say hello and thank you for everything!

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