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We got a Christmas present last night....
Well, a neighbour did....
She went to go to work this morning and found 2 pet carriers on her drive, 1 rabbit in each. Cold, soaking wet frightened rabbits that had been left outside on one of the worst cold, wet & windy nights of the year. Again, whoever left them there left no information about them or give a reason why they had to just dump them and run. Hey what am I complaining about, they had food, well, one of them had a lump of cabbage stalk, they had water, well the rain that had come through the carrier and soaked them and their bedding, one of them had a disgusting broken green bottle that maybe once held dirty water. They were probably terrified because we get lots of foxes around here, prowling for food. I have no complaint about that, it's their world too, but can you even begin to imagine how terrified they must have been stuck there with nowhere to run or hide from the foxes, thinking that any second now the carrier will burst open and they will be caught. To the foxes it would really have seemed like Christmas had come early.
I know they must have been there for the best part of the night because when I took our dogs out at 1am for their walk before bed, it was not raining. The sky was clear and it had turned really cold and I am sure it did not rain again during the night. So they were there for at least 7 hours until she found them.
We have an entire male silver fox with long claws, and a female black & white Rex with long claws, who we have to assume could be pregnant. Both rabbits look pretty healthy but until we can get them in for a vet check we cannot be sure.
So, if you are the person responsible and are reading this and feel like you would at least try to do the right thing now, please contact us. You can leave a message on our answer phone anonymously, we need their ages and if they have been vaccinated and if they have been housed together or not, because if they have lived together we would hate to separate them now that they are so stressed, now is the time they need each other. We do not know if the female has been spayed. And even a reason why you felt you had to do it this way.
If you are the person responsible for this and you really do not care, then I hope you have a really miserable Christmas, your turkey burns, your pudding chokes you and your wine is off. And when your children (assuming you have the wherewithal and equipment to have them) get fed up with you they dump you outside an old peoples home on a cold wet night in the middle of winter.
Nothing like what I wanted to say, but as we may have children reading this I need to be a bit reserved. But believe me, we have nothing but contempt for the likes of people who do this without even considering the consequences.
We hope you are very proud of yourselves.

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***After 20 plus years it is with great sadness that we have decided that the time is coming to bring Bobtails Rescue to an end. Bobtails will finally close 1st November 2022***

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