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Thoughts of Chairman Jim - 7/20/2005

For all of the creatures we’ve loved and lost
The creatures we’ve treated, regardless of cost
For all of the time we’ve spent sharing your pain
Caring for you, sometimes sadly in vain
Feeding you, cleaning you, hugging and crying
Doing our best, but knowing you’re dying.
We do it with fervour, We do it with love
All of the time praying to the great one above
They say its all part of some great master plan
We say “we can’t do what we want, but we’ll do what we can.”.

But hey ! its not all bad, in fact it’s really quite good
We rehome hundreds each year,…… more than we should
The need is far greater than we ever thought
For gods sake…when will people ever be taught,
They breed from their pets, “they’ll find homes for the babies”
But then all too soon. the “will” turns to “maybe”
So they come into us, to add to frustrations
A lot of the time, no hint of donations.
But maybe its all part of his big master plan
So we can’t do what we want but we’ll do what we can

Different small groups, and big associations
Try to educate the masses about gods small creations
But while some of those out there are meant to be leaders
They seem to do more work protecting the breeders
Treating animals this way, we don’t feel is right
They can’t see past the rosettes and bright lights
Their disdain for life just to achieve their aim
Makes us think if they have any shame,
But maybe its all part of his big master plan
So “we can’t do what we want so we’ll do what we can”

Maybe our 6 numbers could well appear
Maybe someone rich will help, if animals they hold dear
We’ll have acres of land, all the bunnies with space
Running and jumping all over the place
Tucked in at night, they’ll not be prey
Eating their carrots, munching their hay.
They will find kind new homes, to live out their lives
With a partner, playing husbands and wives

Not forced to have babies, to sell on for money
Not injected with drugs, cos some think its funny
Not left on their own, in a hutch that’s too small
Not having a friend, not ever, that’s cruel
Not used as clothing for those with the riches
Not used to trim boots to pacify bitches

Because by then we’ll have our own master plan
We’ll do what we want…and do what we can.


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***After 20 plus years it is with great sadness that we have decided that the time is coming to bring Bobtails Rescue to an end. Bobtails will finally close 1st November 2022***

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