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Rabbits Love Toys - 3/30/2011

Rabbits are very inquisitive and need things to stimulate them,
otherwise they can become very bored and depressed.

Phone directories – free, thick and provide plenty of chewing and
shredding opportunities for your bunny.
Tubes – made from willow, cardboard or plastic, tunnels are
wonderfully exciting and natural toys for bunnies. See a selection in
our runs here at Bobtails. Check out local carpet shops or construction
sites for any unwanted tubes, or online shops such as
Toilet roll inner tubes – are great for rabbits to chew, roll and toss.
They can also be stuffed with hay to make your bunny work harder
to eat.
Willow toys – always ensure they are untreated and not painted or
Either left empty or filled with hay, baskets provide a wonderful toy for
bunnies to chew, throw around, jump on etc. Also great fun are willow
floor mats, table placemats and coasters.
Check out www.willowwarren.co.uk for some excellent ideas.
Boxes – cardboard boxes allow bunnies to be inventive and create
their own doorways and windows. Endless hours of fun can be
provided with a free supermarket box. (Ensure all staples and sticky
tape are removed). These are great for bunnies to hide in and jump on.
Baby rattles (made from hard plastic) – rabbits love things they can
pick up with their mouths and throw and if it makes a noise, all the
Feeding balls/domes – there are various types of these on the market
especially manufactured for rabbits. They are a good way to stimulate
your bunny and make him work for his food.
Check out pet shops or online as mentioned above.
Branches from apple trees – these are good for bunnies to strip and
eat the bark helping keep teeth in shape. Ensure that the tree has not
been treated with any chemicals.
Flower pots – available in hard-wearing plastic and in a range of sizes,
pots are fun for your rabbit to throw around. They can also be filled
with hay and hidden treats.

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***After 20 plus years it is with great sadness that we have decided that the time is coming to bring Bobtails Rescue to an end. Bobtails will finally close 1st November 2022***

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