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Below are comments left by our visitors. If you would like to leaves us a note please sign the guestbook.

Name: karen
Date: 06/02/2010
Location: West Scotland
Email: karenduncancairns@hotmail.com
Comment: Well done to Delia, Jim & the Bobtails team on finding the right home for Amarula! A delight in her own way, she was as a real challenge and to read of her enjoying her new home with Alfie and their 2foots is just the icing on the cake! xxxx

Name: Lisa and William
Date: 30/01/2010
Location: Sutton
Email: lisa.owen23@hotmail.co.uk
Comment: Hi Delia, thought I'd give you an update on how Ember and George are doing. They've become inseperable, if one goes in the litter tray the other has to squeeze in there as well. Ember has really settled in now, its fun watching her binky into everything. She likes a cuddle as long as we get down on the floor with her but she's not keen on being picked up still. p.s. its good to see Amarula finally found a home, she caught my eye whilst we visited for Ember.

Name: Hazel Dance
Date: 23/01/2010
Email: hazel_dance@hotmail.com
Comment: Dear Delia I adopted a then called "felicity" a dutch, from you on 21st Aug 2004, you told us she was born 04/04/04. She was re named ORAH meaning light in Hebrew. on the 6th Aug 2010 she will be 6 years old! Orah lives with me as a house rabbit, she sits on the sofa, watches tv, sleeps on the bed, bunny kicks everywhere! She is such a beautiful, loving and intelligent creature, who has bought so much joy and happy-ness to my life! She loves cuddles and sits on my shoulder for strokes xx Thank you for all your help when we first came to collect her, she has flourished with us, and we wish you all the best at Bobtails! xx

Name: Jo Casey
Date: 17/01/2010
Location: Sutton
Email: plusjosie@yahoo.co.uk
Comment: Hi Delia and everyone at Bobtails just to say a big thank you for pairing our little Benson with the gorgeous Abbie they love eachother to bits and a re constantly snuggling up and grooming. Abbie is a little love although very greedy she is definately in charge!! Thanks again Jo and family xxxx

Name: Charlotte
Date: 11/01/2010
Comment: Hi I posted on here last year about my two bunnies. Sadly they have both passed away now of old age. Pipkin, the male, died after Christmas at the age of 8 1/2. Primrose, the female, passed away last year at the age of 7 3/4. They are missed very much but hopefully we will be coming back to Bobtails one day though. They where lovley company in the kitchen where they lived but they loved coming in the living room in the evening to snaffle carrots. They were a cheeky pair!

Name: Sue Baxter
Date: 09/01/2010
Location: Surbiton
Email: suebaxter65@yahoo.co.uk
Comment: thank you Delia for your great job on bonding our George with Belle.She is very happy in her new home,George and Belle have the run of the study room all day,she has regressed a little on the toilet training front so we`ve gone back to basic`s .She`s a really cuddly bun and will lay in your arms like a baby!

Name: maria and gang
Date: 04/01/2010
Location: epsom
Comment: Dear Delia, Jim and all volunteers not forgetting your lovely guests!HAPPY NEW YEAR lovely people. We had a very piggy christmas, lovely to have our two here. They expanded their menu a little, brussels sprouts, christmas tree, barracade round the said tree,sausage roll stolen from a plate left unattended on the floor. Now fully appreciate true meaning of guinea PIGS! They (particually Shaun) will eat anything. Love the calendar. Take care see you soon. Much love the steers and piggies xxxxxx

Name: Megan
Date: 21/12/2009
Location: epsom,surrey
Comment: Hi all at bobtails!so glad its the xmas hols.Now I can spend all the time in the world with Punky & Shaun.(my 2 piggies!)I'm really suprised that they haven't nibbled at the christmas tree.Yet!because they both eat EVERYTHING,we can only put presents under the tree on xmas eve!Also hope the rabbits & guinea pigs enjoyed the carrots we gave you.Hope all the staff at bobtails enjoyed eating all the shortbread we gave you all too.I am really SHOCKED that Clown hasn't been reserved yet!He is the cutest rabbit I have ever, ever seen!aaaaawwwwwwww!MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL AT BOBTAILS!Warm wishes to all!from Megan aged 11.xxxx

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